Real-Life Superhero Fights Crime In Seattle Area

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POSTED: 8:02 am PST January 5, 2011
UPDATED: 8:41 am PST January 5, 2011

SEATTLE, Wash. — Criminals beware — there’s a real-life superhero fighting crime in Seattle.
So far, the man underneath the mask and rubber suit has remained anonymous, but he goes by the superhero name of Phoenix Jones.
Jones started his crime-fighting crusade nine months ago. Since then, eight other people have joined him in his search for injustice.
They walk the streets at night and try to stop criminals from doing harm whenever they have the chance.
One man, who only wanted to be identified as Dan, said Jones recently helped him out when he caught someone breaking into his car in Lynnwood, Wash.
“From the right, this guy comes dashing in, wearing this skin-tight rubber, black and golden suit and starts chasing him away,” he said.
Since starting his night time gig, Jones said he has been stabbed and even had a gun pulled on him a few times. Now, he carries mace, tear gas and a nightstick equipped with a Taser. He also wears a bulletproof vest and “stab plates” that offer protection from knives.
Of course, law enforcement officials frown on people taking the law into their own hands.
So far, Jones hasn’t been seriously hurt.