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I Think I May Have Created a Monster

The Real Life Superhero story starts a few years ago..
There were a few people who dressed up as superheroes in order to promote public safety (Captain Jackson, Super Barrio, etc) Mr. Silent and I thought it was time someone dressed up like a superhero and actually FOUGHT CRIME. We started doing semi-nightly patrols in Indianapolis in full costume, helping break up fights, handing out food to the homeless, and doing generally all we could to help out those in need.
After a while, we decided to reveal what we were doing to the rest of the world.
I went to Warren Ellis hoping to give him a bit of a shock/laugh/whatever. (
I told him the story of how Mr. Silent and I were real life superheroes protecting the citizens of Indianapolis from crime. He posted our story on his site, and almost immediately, his story was reposted EVERYWHERE on the internet. We had become “viral”. (great)
All these years later, I wonder if we should have went public. The massive amount of press has been nice because it helped inspire others to make a stand against fear and HELP OUT THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES.
Alternately, the press is mostly laughing. Hardly anyone takes it seriously at all. While I understand this, I also think it may cause danger for other real life superheroes. How hard will it be to help others when you yourself are the center of attention and you’re being followed around by gawking onlookers? How do you stay in the shadows when all the lights are on you? It only ended up harming our patrols. Mr. Silent and I stopped doing interviews and started patroling the streets in plain clothes just so people wouldn’t notice us as “those guys from the internet”.
This is TROUBLE. Also, I have a big problem with the so called “real life superheroes” who have turned this into some bullshit “FIGHT CLUB” sort of mentality. We’re helping people who need it, NOT just walking around looking for fights. This has happened too much as of late, and it’s going to get someone seriously hurt.
Maybe it will take one of us being killed for the world to take notice that this shit is REAL and it’s NOT GOING AWAY.
Whatever your take on this, we need to be smart. We need to watch our backs, and we MOST DEFINITELY need to DO WHAT’S RIGHT TO HELP PROTECT OUR STREETS.
Stay brave, people. It’s OUR DUTY to HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT THE MOST!
Peace on the streets,
Dok Discord
Dark Guardian
Long time no talk. Glad you and Mr S are still around. I like where you are coming from and have been right there with you all these years. We should talk sometime soon.
The Prowler
The Prowler Great to see you back. You were one of my biggest influences to protect and help people as a superhero, ever since I first read about yo and Mr. Silent, I think it was in INTake.
Daisy Hibbard
Daisy Hibbard I respect you guys so much! I think it’s brilliant what you do, but it must be hard trying to actually protect our city while people try and follow you around. I know if I ever saw you and Mr. Silent downtown I would probably stop walking and just think, “WOW. I just saw superheroes!” and I would be filled with some sort of Indy pride. 😀
Amazonia Thanks for those words. I had not gone public back when I started because I was afraid of what people would think of me. I had started back in May ’02 and I had no idea there were any others out there. Not until ’06 when I finally looked it up online. Your right, there has been a change in mentality from people doing this since I first started and came online. A lot of them just want to go around and bash heads in and fight crime period. There is more to this than that and I have been lucky enough to be exposed to most of the other things you can do to make a difference in the world. Mostly I do patrols and help people where ever I can. But I don’t go looking for a fight, but if one comes to me, I am ready for it.
Master Legend
Master Legend i been at this for like 25 years and was so happy to find out i wasn’t alone and i owe it all to you and MR Silent.thank you very much and so you know Team Justice has helped thousands and we aren’t stopping there.
Optimyst I agree with everything you said my good docktor. I am glad that you posted this. I really missed your blogs. O

Shadow Hare Wins Over Queen City

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati’s newest superhero has become an Internet sensation.

Since News 5 did a story on him, 21-year-old so-called hero Shadow Hare said that hundreds of people have applauded him and his cause via the Internet.
He said he wants to be the face, or better yet, the mask people trust on the streets of Cincinnati.
Shadow Hare soaked up the attention at Party in the Park on Wednesday night.
His story has already been viewed by more than 300,000 people on It was also picked up nationally by CNN and, among others.
The Milford man is part of a national network of real-life superheroes. He leads a team of local masked citizen crime fighters called the Allegiance of Heroes.
The group carries handcuffs, pepper spray, Tasers and other tools of the craft to keep people safe.
“If I have to save someone else in an alley way or if there is someone right now who needed my help, I will rush in and give my life and lay it down on the line,” Shadow Hare said.
The masked marvel said he once dislocated his shoulder protecting a woman who was being attacked by a homeless man.
Even though he’s been at if for four years, his story is just now coming to light. However, he said his newfound celebrity doesn’t phase him.
“I’m not doing this for publicity. I’m doing this for justice — a justice long since forgotten,” Shadow Hare said.
Since the first story aired, Shadow Hare said he has gotten hundreds of messages on his Myspace Web page from people who support what he is doing and some who even want to pick up their capes and help.
Police officials said that his citizen’s arrests are legal in Ohio. However, he runs a risk of being sued if he falsely accuses someone.
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Cincinnati Superhero Patrols Streets Fighting Crime

Eric Flack


CINCINNATI — Cincinnati police have a new ally in their fight against crime, whether they want it or not.

He calls himself Shadow Hare, and he wears a mask and a cape to conceal his true identity. He’s Cincinnati’s own version of a superhero fighting crime and injustice where he finds it.  

Vote: What do you think of Shadowhare?

“We help enforce the law by doing what we can in legal standards, so we carry handcuffs, pepper spray … all the legal weapons,” said Shadow Hare. “We will do citizen’s arrests. We will intervene on crimes if there is one happening in front of us.”

The man behind Shadow Hare’s mask is 21 years old and from Milford. Those are the only clues to his true identity that he will reveal. Shadow Hare said he was abused as a child and grew up in foster homes, perhaps leading him to a life helping others.

“My message to Cincinnati is that there is still hope and all we have to do is stand together,” he said.

Shadow Hare is not alone in his quest to fight crime. He heads up a group of men — and one woman — called the “Allegiance of Heroes.” The members communicate with each other in online forums. Among the members are Aclyptico in Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper in Colorado and Master Legend in Florida.

“I’ve even teamed up with Mr. Extreme in California — San Diego — and we were trying to track down a rapist,” said Shadow Hare.

The crime fighters will often pair up to patrol the streets. Even so, fighting crime comes with its share of hardship.

Shadow Hare said he suffered a dislocated shoulder two years ago while trying to help a woman who was being attacked.

And the authorities don’t always take him seriously. In one encounter with a Hamilton County corrections officer, Shadow Hare was greeted with a chuckle and a look of disbelief.

But Shadow Hare said he and his team are not deterred by the criticism. He remains focused on trying to make Cincinnati a better place, whether it’s fighting crime or feeding the homeless.

For now, the law is on Shadow Hare’s side.

It is legal in Ohio and Kentucky to make a citizens arrest, however, the arrester does face possible civil litigation if the person arrested turns out to be innocent.

Kick Ass Premiere

Heroes Network Team up 2009

FHM magazing shoot

The Case of the Crack-Head Car-Wash

By Citizen Smoke
Warning — I’m Used to Writing Short Stories! This Will Be Long!
So, for the past month or so I’ve been trying to do some off-and-on surveillance of a nearby carwash in town. It’s one of the DIY types where there are several open-ended bays with machines and hoses in them; a roof, a couple walls, some drains… that kinda thing. I had noticed this group of guys that hung around the carwash — same 3 to 5 fellas, no cars, sat around all afternoon/evening/night long sometimes. They dressed the typical “banger” look, that “thug” aesthetic so popular today in poor communities. I even watched as a few cars would pull in, talk to one of these people, then pull out, no car washing. I was suspicious.
Hobo Harry On The Case
So, I started watching. I’d take note of who was there whenever I passed (which I did at least once a day). About two or three times a week, I’ve been dressing up in my “hobo” outfit, rubbing some dirt into my face and arms and hands and such, and meandering the area. Sometimes I parked about 10 blocks away and walked over, usually I’d walk from my house to a nearby low-income area and then wander down 6 blocks. My outfit for these instances includes worn out shoes which I place a piece of landscaping bark in so that I consistently have a realistic limp in my right leg and an excuse for the crappy old walking stick.
I mumble and fidget to myself when I dress like this, so I seem less approachable. I use my best Southern-poor accent when I spare change some people I’m sure won’t give it to me and was offered a swipe of some gin instead one time. I’ve even been eyed by passing patrol cars and had one officer (I didn’t recognize him) tell me that I couldn’t “sleep on that bench” when I stopped for an equipment check. I totally had this character down. I lack any useful camera, though, so everything had to be either remembered and jotted down out of sight, or just written on my arm while I pretended to scratch at it. I got times, dates, plate numbers, descriptions… I was building a little personal file of scratched down data.
Calling It In
A couple times I was sure I’d seen something off happening, walked to the McDonalds down the block, got some water (for show), went into the restroom and called in a “suspicious activity” report anonymously (citing “fear of life and limb” just in case). Three times I called in, three times the police show up and spend some time checking things out, but no arrests. Once I even watched Grady (one of the K-9 unit animal officers) sniff about, to no avail.
I was flustered, to say the least. I thought it must be more involved, some kind of two-step or three-step process. Go to the carwash, give them the location, go to your location, hand over the money and get your drugs from the fellow in the next car over on your way out. Something all “Cloak & Dagger” like that. Smarter than street-slinging, but only just. I thought “well I’ll just have to park inconspicuously and tail someone to find out”. I never seemed to get anything from that, either. I won’t bore you with the completely stupid amounts of time I spent watching people just sit in front of a TV.
My resolve wavered.
Time to Clean the Smo-Car!
Finally, today, after leaving early from work (because I can), I decided to wash my car. This was the test , plan-clothed, normal old me. I’d seen them there this afternoon, it was just about quitting time, and only a couple cars were washing. I was sure that I’d be able to get something definitive this time. What they were selling, maybe the process, a good look at the players.
I pull in, rattle some quarters toward the machine, as the one in the white cap and blue coat walks up to me. My nerves flashed a little as he approached, crazy little thoughts bouncing through my head… “Will he offer me crack? Probably just pot. Or will it be ambiguous and I’ll have to ask if he has something? Some ‘sup? you party?’ kind of thing? Shit, what if he recognizes me as the hobo? Will he try to kick my ass or something? I’ll play it off like I’m trying to scam people. I wonder if I should have gotten more quarters.” All kinds of silly shit. Then he talks to me…
Moment of Truth
“Hey man, you wanna get your car washed?”
“… excuse me?” I reply, baffled.
“Want us to wash your car man? Only three bucks and we get you right, shine that Mitsubishi up real good,” he pitches.
“Wait… I’m coming to a do-it-yourself carwash, and you’re offering to sell me the service of washing it for me?”
“Yeah, man! Cheaper then them automatic ones and we do a better job. We got shimmies and shit, too.”
“… so… so this is why you guys are always hanging out here?”
“Yeah, man. The ‘conomy is all messed up! We gotta get some money somewhere, know-wud-ahm-sayin’?” he replies with youthful slang.
Psychologically, this throws me down and knocks the wind out of me. I’ve been suspicious and watchful as these kids — these decent little kids — are out here trying to make a buck while the nation gets so poor that people who used to look down their noses at this guy are now grateful they even have a job. He’s an entrepreneur at the most basic level, and he smells strongly of chemicals and wax.
“Well … well fuck… um, yeah, sure man. Here. Here, just have all these quarters and have at it. I’m going to pick up a six pack.”
The shame burst against my forehead like a balloon, shreds of embarrassment falling through my cerebral cortex. I’d just wasted about a month. “Wait,” I thought to myself… “it could be that they’re doing this, but maybe they sell on the side, too.” I turn around and watch as they quickly start lathering up my little four-cylinder with the soap-brush. They’re smiling and chattering away, completely ignoring me. I realize I must be standing there like Beaver Cleaver or Gomer Pyle, a look on my face that says something incredibly midwestern and white like “Well gol-lee! Heck and tarnation!” Really… this can’t be for real. What the hell was I thinking?
I think it’s time I move on to more important things than this car wash. If it’s even remotely got anything to do with drugs, I’m not going to fix it, and there are bigger fish to fry. I also think it’s time I remember to base my choices more on actual observation, instead of looking to see what I want to see. I wanted to make a difference so badly, I saw what I assumed to be drug dealers.
Well, at least now I can move on to doing good somewhere, instead of playing the hobo when I don’t need to. So it goes.