Real Life OC Superheroes

heroesBy Janine Kahn in Main
Our Minneapolis sister paper City Pages has an eyebrow-raising story today about regular folks from cities across the nation who truly believe they are superheroes – and dress the part. We checked out web editor Jeff Shaw’s Google Map of heroes and found two from our neck of the woods:
Ragensi (top photo) is a “paranormal investigator and masked adventurer” from Huntington Beach. His interests include “lock picking, martial arts, drawing, sculpting, money making schemes, video games, occult studies, masked adventuring, zines, banishing evil back to whence it came from, radio, traveling through space and time, etc.”
He also runs an eBay store. Check out Ragensi’s Frappr profile.
Wolf Spider is a “masked adventurer in training” from Orange County (no specific area noted). His interests: “truth, justice, charity, helping others, setting a good example, building a strong community, becoming an icon that inspires change, protecting the innocent, and rehabilitating the troubled.”
Wolf Spider wants to meet people that are “sick of corruption among those who should be incorruptible. People who are tired of laws that protect the guilty and punish the everyday citizen.” So probably not a certain ex-sheriff, eh?
See a slideshow of more “real” heroes here.