A Really Super Hero

Walk down the main street of Mountain View, California and you’d think it was the safest place in America. Who’s going to rob you, the millionaire coder from Google? The moneyed software developer from Adobe Systems?
But the truth is, underneath that veneer of geeky placidity something stinks. A fetid sludge pool of crime and ill will just waiting to bubble up and soak the town in filthy mayhem. But that will never happen so long as the town’s resident super hero keeps his never-blinking vigil. A super hero known only as… The Eye.
Nobody knows The Eye’s true identity. They only know him by his deeds. He keeps the townsfolk safe using his mastery of several forms of martial arts, some of his own invention, as well as an arsenal of homemade crime fighting gadgets such as The Sonic Screamer Tube, The Peacemaker Blaster, and The Dazzler.
So beware, villains! Next time you try to steal Gary’s lunch out of the refrigerator in the Silicon Graphics break room or cut in line at the Sun Microsystems cafeteria, know that The Eye is on the lookout…