NPR called us "heroes for the zeros" and they used lots of irony

Justice Society of Justiceanother busy night.
circle city classic.
a massive gathering of african americans from across the midwest.
60,000+ people within 10 square blocks.
cops everywhere with riot gear and horses.
while investigating some trouble outside of a parking garage,we were asked to stand back from the entrance as the police went in with shot guns..i still have no idea what happened,but i heard no gun shots..another citizen was trying to get into the garage,and we began talking..within seconds he said..”hey,are you justin?”…i played it off and told him i wasn’t,of course….it was some kid i haven’t seen for years who remembered me from the performance art stuff i’d do downtown.
tonight our squad got some help from the newest member of the JSJ,Kid Christ..
some guy said “oh,thank you jesus for putting all them big ass hos in my building”..we said amen and walked on.. thing i’ve noticed is,black girls LOVE Mr. Silent.
he got 3 different phone numbers tonight and some girl said “i bet you tha bomb in bed”..
i about shat.
yeah bebe.
so 1nce again
peace on tha streets,dawg.
Doktor DiscorD