ASP Tactical Baton

ASP_BatonThe ASP Tactical Baton is a retractable self-defense baton manufactured by Armament Systems and Procedures, INC. It is a durable telescoping impact weapon used mainly by Law Enforcement and private Security personnel.
While the martial arts community has a number of cheap expandable batons available, such products differ dramatically from the ASP Tactical Baton. The FBI, The DEA, The U.S. Secret Service, and The US Army do NOT issue these exotic weapons to their personnel. They do issue the ASP Tactical Baton.
In most locales, you will need to be ASP Certified to carry and use this baton. ASP Basic Certification is provided for law enforcement officers. ASP Instructor Certification is designed to train instructors for police agencies. ASP Trainer Certification is available for individuals who will, in turn, train instructors in various Law Enforcement agencies. Both ASP Instructor Certification and ASP Trainer Certification are provided by Armament Systems and Procedures at no charge. Participation in an AIC or ATC program is scheduled through an authorized ASP Distributor or ASP Technical Support Manager.