Questions to the Real Life Superhero Community

From: Echo
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Hello Superheroes,
Okay- so my question is: If what you do and who you are is something you’re proud of, why is it a big secret? Why are you hiding your identity if you’re not ashamed? If what you’re doing is charity work, or to benefit people in need, why is it being kept a secret? It seems like people in the “community” are out of touch with reality- you’re not ashamed of the work itself but the lifestyle you’re living that accompanies it because subconsciously you’re aware that you’re too engrossed in a make-believe persona. Friends and family would accept charity work, but they wouldn’t accept delusional behavior- is THAT why you’re ashamed to tell them about it? If it was as simple as “I’m doing charity work tonight.” you should be able to tell friends and family. Men dress as Santa Claus in shopping malls every year, people dress as clowns regularly for birthday parties, etc, and they don’t hide it from their family- so why are YOU hiding it?
From: Nightwolf
Subject: rlsh
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I am a real life super hero too. I do the same things that you do like give blood, feed the homeless, etc. but I do have a difference, I do actually “fight” crime. I go look for it, I stop it in action, and kick the crap out of anyone who commits it. I guess the question I have is why do you guys wear masks if you have no reason to conceal your identity? If you do good things like that then let people know that it is actual people doing these good things, not someone behind a mask. you guys are doing the right thing and I do stand behind you. I am looking for more people like me, I wish more people were to think like me and just put an end to the complacency and do something!