Nearly Arrested

Whoa! Bizarre mission tonight! Found out a officer friend of mine named “Matt” was hurt down on the beach, decided to run out there with some lunch and check on him.
Whilst on my way down there I’m scanning of course and hear this:
So I detour over there hoping to lend a extra car and set of eyes to the search, and lo and behold there sits Two cruisers and a cop who I don’t recognize talking to a young Blonde Woman. The cop goes inside, I pull into the complex drive and ask the woman:
“Is this where the missing little boy is?” she’s obviously distraught and just then as I go to pull out of the lot I hear “Hold it Speed Racer!”
Out comes the cop, with his huge Partner, with their flashlights in my window.
I say “I was looking to help on the call with the missing boy.”
They say “There is no call with a missing boy.”
I say “I heard it over the scanner.”
They say “No missing boy, this is a domestic dispute and you just interrupted it.”
I say “Oh shit.”
Now I’m looking obstruction of justice in the face but thank God My names gotten around the locker room.
“I’m so-and-so’s pal from the Gym” No Deal
“I’m The Radio Guys brother.” NO Deal.
“I’m Superhero.”
just then the smiles come on “Oh yeah! we know who you are!” how ya doin’ tonight?” (Ya think they would have SEEN the Big SH on the car & my helmet!)
“Yeah Hero, no missing kid here.” everything’s cool.
I say “Sorry for interrupting, you guys have a safe night!” and I race for the beach and watch Matt take some guy in a skirt with a filet knife to the pokey…
THIS is what I was trying to make clear to Dark Guardian, you guys have GOT to have Police support! If you don’t have it your screwed! If they impose a few small requests on you, (Forbidden areas of town and such) respect their wishes. The day will come when you’ll be glad they like you back!
Then a Shooting happened.

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Contact Information!
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Superleague of Superheroes FAQ

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. Why do you do this?
A. Because we are superheroes, this is what superheroes do.
Q. How do I report Crime and Grime to the Super League of Superheroes?
A. If you know of crime or grime that needs superhero attention please send us an SLS.
Q. How would I join the Super League of Superheroes?
A. You would first have to be a superhero and in order to be a superhero you would first have to be super, so if you are not super joining is out of the question.
Q. Can I join the Super League of Superheroes on a mission?
A. No, our missions are far too dangerous for the ordinary person. If you are a member of the press and interested in following members of the Super League of Superheroes around please CONTACT US
Q. What can I do to help the Super League of Superheroes?
A. Being a superhero isn’t a profitable profession, and just like ordinary citizens, we have bills to pay. You can support the Super League of Superheroes by buying merchandise from our store. This will help us support our website and fund future missions and patrols

Captain's Corner

Captain's CornerWhen most people think of the CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS, they think of CAPTAIN JACKSON, CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL and the QUEEN of HEARTS. But in reality, there are many card carrying members.
One such member is Jordon Avon, also known as “The Eye”. He hails from Mountain View, California. Though we have never actually met, we have been in contact with one another for a number of months now.
And when people thing of the CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS, they seem to have the impression that our only mission is charity and promotion. Untrue. Jordan, for example, is in the private investigation business.
Being an investigator is an interesting business. Unlike what most people see on the many television programs, much of “The Eye’s” work consist of surveillance. In fact, he created a robot he calls “The Roving Eye.”
This ingenious device is a radio controlled “tank” with a video camera attached. The unit is capable of quietly approaching an area and transmitting both audio and video signals, and the “Eye” has used it a number of times in his line of work.
As I mentioned, and as is stated on our web site homepage, the CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS does more than contribute to the promotion of the city and charity events. Recently, a good citizen contacted me about a web site which seems to promote the use of drugs. After watching this negative propaganda and its accompanying video, I came to the conclusion that this was based out of the Los Angles, California area. Immediately I contacted “The Eye” and asked him to investigate. In less than two days he had valuable information and was in contact with the LAPD and filled them in on this corrupt site.
Jordan also has ties in Michigan, as is apparent in this open letter to the citizens of Jackson:
“Dear citizen of Jackson,
“From the remote CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS member known as “The Eye”, a California crime fighter carrying on the tradition of Captain Jackson… and I assure you that the core values of civic safety and good citizenship are also alive and well at this end of the country, as well as in the fine city of Jackson, Michigan.
“Speaking as one of particular Michiganian heritage, with my mother having been born in Flint before moving out west, I feel a close bond to you folks that having shared community-minded values richly provides. Have a wonderful day!
“Very Truly Yours,
“The Eye”
Our hats off to our fellow crime fighter Jordan. And as he usually ends his letters:
“If Life is not a daring adventure, it is nothing as all”—Helen Keller