Saving Lives Through The Radio

Just recently I, and co-owner of Your Mom Comics Ted Osborne, started Volunteering at our local Radio Station, KSQM 91.5 FM. At first i did it to work my way in to radio, maybe even get my band Jack Havoc on there, but now have found that I am actually helping in a huge way.See, KSQM is not a normal Radio Station. Our programming director asked “What kind of business do you think were in?” I said “Well entertainment of course.” He said “No. We are in the business of saving lives.” KSQM 91.5 is the only FM radio station on The Olympic Peninsula to run off of a generator. That means if there is ever a Tsunami or Hurricane warning, we are the only people that can reach out to others in their homes. In a few months we will be getting our Emergency Broadcast System Certificate and be officially ready to broadcast, if need be.
Two Fridays ago I read the news live, just local Christmas stuff, but now the owner wants to give me and Ted our own show, with 18 full episodes ( that’s a whole season) and we get to produce it, with the goal being syndication, meaning if another station wants to buy and broadcast it, they can. It will be about the history of old radio shows like The Adventures of Superman, The Lone Ranger etc. and how they’ve have influenced entertainment and real life, many of us included.
Hey did you know that Green Hornet is actually a spin off of The Lone Ranger. Britt Reid is the Lone Ranger’s great, great nephew. CRAZY!
I am very glad I took the time in my life to help and volunteer, even if it was for my own personal reasons at first because I found out working there is real superhero business after all. It seems you can find hero business in just about anything. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I am proud to be part of the First Wave of Real Life Super Heroes.
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