What is a Real Life Superhero?

Real Life Super Heroes, or RLSH for short, is a term coined by the news media for a phenomenon where individuals take on personas partially inspired by the fictional superheroes portrayed in various media (such as in comic books, television shows, and movies) in the real world in an effort to make the world a better place.

What Do You Need?

RLSH Social Network
Collaborate using the longest-running social network created for and by RLSH.
With information on RLSH all over the world as well as guides, this is the definitive guide to everything Real Life SuperHero.
Other Things?
More Coming Soon
Archived videos and a whole lot more coming soon.


RLSH.NET is a great place to learn about heroes all over or if you're trying to explain what an RLSH is, you can read plenty of hero history to help you. I read the guides on the site all the time myself. If you're trying to connect with others too, there's a really good social network on the site as well.

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