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  • What is a Real Life SuperHero?
    Real Life Super Heroes, or RLSH for short, is a term coined by the news media for a phenomenon where individuals take on personas partially inspired by the fictional superheroes portrayed in various media (such as in comic books, television shows, and movies) in the real world in an effort to make the world a better place. An RLSH can take on many different causes, from helping those in need, to stopping crime in cities or online, or other altruistic goals. There are many ways to be an RLSH and as times change, the methods of doing so change as well.

    Wiki Page: What is a Real Life SuperHero?
  • What's The Point in Wearing the Whole "Gimmick"?
    This is how an RLSH expresses themselves and who they are. Usually their persona or gimmick is an effort to blend in, stick out, be tactical, or a number of other things. See the Creating a Persona guide for a better explanation on how it works.
  • What Does it Mean When an RLSH Says "Patrol"?
    This usually means that the RLSH is going to go out to proactively make sure that crime doesn't happen, and to work in a productive manner in case something does occur. This can involve walking around trouble areas, and sometimes sticking around for a while when they know a particular area is a hot spot for deviant activity. Almost all superhero activists make use of bystander intervention tacticts in order to be effective, and many have first-aid supplies or other relevant training.
  • Do RLSH Work in Teams?
    Many RLSH claim involvement in a team of some sort. This can be in-name-only, or that the RLSH actively goes to meetings and team-ups with the other members. However, some RLSH like working by themselves, although they still often gain advice or counsel from others.
  • What Sorts of Things do RLSH even do?
    There are many different roles an RLSH may have, and each one involves different kinds of activity. You can learn more about roles in superhero activism here: Roles in RLSH
  • How Can I Become a Real Life Superhero?
    That honestly depends on what sort of activism you plan on doing. You can look over some common roles RLSH may take on (linked above), and do your research on how to be most effective in that role where you are with what you have. The upcoming RLSH Guides Project will be able to help you get started, with both a knowledge base for you to jump off of, videos, and one-on-one support and advice. Coming Soon!
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