Denver's own superhero, the Wall Creeper, unveils his manifesto

By Joel Warner in Follow That Story
The Wall Creeper.
​It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Wall Creeper, Denver’s very own, real-life superhero. Recently, however, the crime fighter sent me a manifesto out of the blue.
Maybe he sensed the good citizens of this fine city were in distress, or maybe he needed to get something off his very mysterious chest. Either way, you can read the masked man’s words in their entirety below.

To the citizens of Denver, Colorado, and the United States of America,
I hope all of you are doing well, despite your challenges in this time of need, but from what I hear and see, this isn’t the case. Many of us are hurting right now, and I understand that. I do, however, have some words that may kindle the tiniest spark in you. Whether you think I am a joke, a myth, a maniac, or not, please read my words.
We are fighting for what several other honorable cultures have fought for, have DIED for: Freedom. Freedom from injustice, from fear and downfall. Freedom to express, excel, and never give up. Freedom to speak your mind civilly and be heard. Freedom to become legends. Every time you question what you are hoping to accomplish in your life, think back to those peoples of a different time, that sacrificed so much just so the advocate of conformity wouldn’t penetrate their culture like a spear, annihilating their beautiful existence.
Today, I ask all of you to stare deep into the eyes of destiny, and take a stand to define your life. It could be helping a neighbor move; it could be going to jury duty instead of trying to get out of it. It could be saving someone’s perspective on life with a few good, well chosen words. Whatever it is, put your blood, sweat, and tears into it. Be proud to be a citizen of Denver. Be proud to be a United States citizen that isn’t forced to lie low and quiet under a completely corrupted government in an underdeveloped and starving, oppressed country. You have been given a chance to live, breathe and experience one of the pinnacles of society, government and justice. Take advantage of your opportunities; don’t let them pass you by. Take charge of your own life, and find it within yourself to make a difference.
I found the drive within me to try and right wrongs, not just as the Wall Creeper, but as a normal, functioning member of society. I decided to become a servant to the people. Trying to be moral, honest, and strong in my beliefs and efforts, I became a totally different person inside and out. I’m not saying run out on the streets to right wrongs. I am saying take a stand for what you believe in, and right the wrongs in your own life, as well as aid those who need help. Find peace within yourself despite these hard times. Do well by others. Life is a precious thing, and is not to be dictated by hardship and discomfort. If you are unhappy with something, big or small, find a way to change it. Even if it never changes, and never gets any better, you will look back on your life with little regret.
I may not know you, reader, but I know that in your heart you have the power of choice. You have the strength that this country was built upon. Without you, there is no freedom. Become a legacy of good for this world, because we all know Earth needs it dearly right now. I hope my words have invoked some strength in you, reader, for we could all use a little strength right now.
— Wall Creeper