DSHS: Phoenix Jones could someday work with kids again

Originally posted: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/133198043.html
SEATTLE – Self-appointed superhero crime fighter Phoenix Jones could return to his day job of working with children if he is not charged or convicted of assault, state officials said Thursday.
Ben Fodor, aka “Phoenix Jones,” was informed this week by the state Department of Social and Health Services he could no longer work with vulnerable children. He had been employed teaching life skills to autistic children under contract to DSHS as a home-care provider.
The ban against working with children stems from his arrest on suspicion of assault last month, but he still has not been charged and the case is still before the city attorney.
An assault conviction would ban Fodor permanently from working with vulnerable people. But if he is not charged or convicted of the assault, he can request that his contract status be reinstated, said DSHS spokeswoman Jennifer M. Gau.
Fodor, 23, denies assaulting anyone. He says he himself was attacked while breaking up a late night fight last month and used pepper spray in self-defense. Police arrived at the scene and arrested him.
Gau says Fodor’s DSHS contract came up for renewal in October, and the arrest appeared on his background check, so his contract was not extended.
“If he is not convicted of the assault, Fodor can request that his contract status be reinstated,” Gau said. “Meanwhile, he has the right to appeal the decision not to extend his contract.”
On his Facebook page, Fodor says the loss of his job won’t stop him from his mission as Phoenix Jones.
In fact, he says he’ll start patrolling during the day when he isn’t looking for a new job.