Real-Life Superheroes Becoming More Popular

Originally posted:
By Erik Davis
Dec 30th 2008 // 11:02AM
While they’ve been around for a few years now — emerging from the suburban shadows shortly after 9/11 — the current superhero craze, propelled mainly by popular movies like The Dark Knight, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Watchmen, has created more than just big-screen sequels — oh yes, try an assortment of real-life superheroes (or so they like to think). For example, the Green Scorpion (pictured right) works out of the New Mexico/Arizona region, is a member of The Justice Society of Justice organization and states the following on his website: “Eventually, everyone has the opportunity to awaken and become who they always wanted to be. Some people just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.”
Or what about Doktor DiscorD, who’s also a member of The Justice Society of Justice, and states: “We dont care about victimless crime like drug use or people buying prostitutes. the kind of CRIME we’re talking about is the kind that makes little old ladies afraid to leave their houses.” Laugh all you want, but Scorpion and DiscorD are joined by roughly 200 other real-life superheroes (or, as they call themselves, “Reals”) all across the world. According to a pretty hilarious article in the Times Online, the rules are fairly simple: “They must stand for unambiguous and unsponsored good. They must create their own Spandex and rubber costumes without infringing Marvel or DC Comics copyrights, but match them with exotic names … they must shun guns or knives to avoid being arrested as vigilantes …”
Homebase for these “Reals” looks to be the World Superhero Registry, where you can scroll through tons of real-life superhero profiles, read interviews, scan the message boards, scope out a gadget gallery and — get this — read movie reviews, the last of which appears to be … drum roll please … The Dark Knight. So what do you think of these real-lifers? Cool thing to do on a Saturday night, or people desperately in need of a real life?