Supermobiles…Classic Coke is still better, and here's why.

Supermobiles…Classic Coke is better & here’s why.
I don’t usually go for “training Manuals” so to speak. I feel that everyone’s experience & talents are different & what applies to one RLSH doesn’t apply to another ones situation. But that being said I feel Supermobiles are a topic I’m qualified to speak on. THE Supermobile has been in the game for quite some time and is considered by many to be a Flagship of sorts for the RLSH community. She was a brief & fun focal point of the HBO Documentary “Superheroes” and is requested for appearances & events.
One thing about older cars is they have “quirks” or odd problems that you don’t get with a 2010 Nissan Sentra…like a 37 year old fuel line finally giving up the Ghost on you…and the car being in the shop for a month having the mufflers cut & the Tank dropped so the line can be reached.

This prolonged down time is what inspired me to actually consider “Updating” the Supermobile with a much newer model. I started looking at 2006 & 2007 Corvettes in parking lots with Ladyhero, and then finally started shopping for them online. Like This one

One gorgeous car and it’s a 2007 going for about $26,000, here is where I discovered that a Classic one…even with the unusual quirks & maintenance demands is still better.
Initial Price: The Supermobile cost initially a little less then HALF of what the 2007 does, saving me a tremendous sum of money to tweak the car with. The other half of the money I’d have spent on the new one is what put the 383 into the Supermobile.
Car Payment: Even if you put half down on the new one, after financing you’re looking at a $230 or $250 Dollar a month Car payment for five years. You could by a classic one outright…avoid the payment all together…and that brings us to the BIGGEST killer of a new Supermobile VS a Classic…
INSURANCE: Unless you can afford to buy the New Corvette outright, you are going to have to have full coverage on it until it’s paid off. Insurance of any kind on a new car that has a 6.0 400 HP Engine in it is not cheap. The Classic Supermobile has even MORE Horsepower…but since it’s a classic (Over 25 years old) I can have classic insurance on it…I pay just over $200 dollars a year for awesome coverage with Roadside, agreed value, windshield etc. on the Supermobile because she’s considered a classic.
So when you weigh it all it seems to me that your best bang for the buck is still a classic Supermobile as opposed to a new one. Sure, you’ll put up with the occasional pain in the rear from a older car, but even if you drop $3000 a year into repairs it still beats the payment on the new one. This will apply to any classic car as well not just Corvettes so when it’s time to slide down your bat poles & into the cave you keep your Super car,  I say make it  Classic Coke…it’s better anyway.


This week on SUPERHERO ACADEMY…our visiting professor will be the one and only ( Nadra Enzi ) Cap Black.

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“Join us on an journey to discover ways we can impact the world around us with positive actions and random acts of kindness. We are looking for ways to overcome the negative by strengthening the positive. Here we will discuss the things we have done right, the things we have done wrong, and things we can do differently to make the future better. Welcome one and all to the SUPERHERO ACADEMY…ALSO Please join our CAPE DRIVE for HEART HEROES by donating a cape to a child suffering from CDH…” -Host Crossfire The Crusader
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Proposed Standards for the RLSH Community

Okay, let’s break this down into each separate component. Some people honestly act like there is some sort of hidden clause or tricky “small print” that they have to watch out for before agreeing to these standards.
“LET IT BE KNOWN That we, the undersigned, do hereby agree and affirm:”
… If you believe in the standards, shouldn’t standing up for and endorsing them be something to be proud of?
That Everyone has the Right to feel Safe in their own homes, and in their home communities.”
… Anyone object to this statement?
“That it is the responsibility of Concerned Citizens to help Create and Maintain Safety, and Reduce Suffering, within their home communities.”
… That is why we do what we do is it not? Because we understand that our communities need the help of everyday citizens and volunteers?
“That Concerned Citizens can Respond in a Lawful Manner to Safely, and Effectively, Reduce Violence and Criminal Activity within their communities.”
… Does anyone feel the need to break the law to make a difference? Does agreeing to obey the law make you nervous for some reason?
“That Everyone has the Right to Dignity, Respect, Fair Treatment, Safety, and Choice.”
… Any problems with this? Does anyone have a good reason everyone isn’t worthy of respect and being treated decently?
“ARTICLE ONE: ORGANIZATION – Signatories have the Right to Lawfully organize and structure themselves however they wish, free from outside interference. No rule, nor restriction, shall be made to infringe upon this Right.”
… Does anyone feel that someone else has the right to tell them how to organize their own group, or tell them what to do (as long as they aren’t breaking the law)?
“ARTICLE TWO: JURISDICTION – Signatories shall be free to operate without restriction within their home territories, provided they stay within the boundaries of the established Laws and Regulations of said territory.”
… If you’re not doing anything illegal, and aware of the local laws under which you can legally operate, is there a problem?
“ARTICLE THREE: FUNDING – Signatories shall have no responsibility for the expenses of any individual, or group, other than themselves.”
… Should any other RLSH, or group, be responsible for your expenses? If someone donates equipment to you, that’s fine, but should anyone expect other RLSH to give them free stuff and money? Hell No.
ARTICLE FOUR: MEDIATION – Signatories shall have the Right to seek Fair Mediation in matters involving possible disputes between Signatory individuals, or groups.”
… If someone makes an accusation, someone else needs to act as a mediary to clear up the matter, otherwise we end up with more drama and bullshit backbiting. There are always trustworthy volunteers, so agreeing to this doesn’t mean you agree to “jury duty”.
“ARTICLE FIVE: LEGALITY – Signatories affirm that they are private citizens, not Law Enforcement Officers, nor do they possess any special arrest powers, and shall abide by the Laws, Rules, and Regulations of their individual home communities.”
… If someone has actual arrest powers they’re already bound by specific laws and policies. This statement is for everyone else that says they understand they’re nothing more than citizens, plain and simple.

What Martial Art Should An RLSH Learn?

What Martial Art Should An RLSH Learn?

Next, after you have learned how to defend yourself, what constitutes defending yourself, and the knowledge necessary for covering yourself legally, you must then learn what are called, “Control and Restraint” techniques, as well as the laws governing, Use of Force, and, Citizen’s Arrest, in your location. All too often people interpret such phrases as, “you may use what force is necessary to stop and detain a suspect”, as meaning they can pound on someone until he submits to their holding him prisoner. This is a grievious misinterpretation on their part. The general rule for application of force is that only necessary force may be used. When force is applied by an individual (for example, to protect life, or property), the amount of force permissible is, likewise, only that which is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances. You are not authorized to beat the crap out of a rapist, or a child molester. The amount of force that can legally be used is only that which is necessary to stop and detain the suspect. End of story.
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What Constitutes An RLSH?

What Constitutes An RLSH?

One important note to all of this, is the fact that any and all of these activities must be accomplished while obeying and working within the law.  Working outside the law, breaking the law, and the promotion of such activities, is generally accepted within the greater superhero community as falling under, “vigilantism”.  Vigilantes are criminals, no matter how they see themselves or rationalize their actions.  They see themselves as a law unto themselves, and promote their own personal brand of morality and justice as superior to the rules and restrictions of society.  Anyone in the superhero community that refers to themselves as a vigilante, is either ignorant of how the community views law breakers within the ranks, or doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  These folks usually learn better and shape up, or ship out.  The community does not look kindly upon those who’s attitudes and activities reflect poorly on the rest of us, or make us look like dangerous criminals.  More than a few vigilantes have been uncovered and turned over to the police over the years.The superhero community also has unwritten, though pretty obvious, rules of conduct.  These rules have developed over time to help reinforce the image and ideals of the superhero community.  Community members are expected to treat themselves and others with respect, and dignity.  They are also expected to carry themselves in public in a manner that  upholds the ideals of the community and does not contradict what the community stands for.  Public intoxication, arguing with police officers, urinating on the sides of buildings, shouting racist comments, and similar behaviors are clearly unacceptable.  The community does, and has, ostracized individuals who act this way.  What gives the community the right to distance themselves from these “heroes”?  The actions of an individual can, and has, affected how the public sees the rest of us.  While an individual does have the right to do what they want, they do not have the right to speak for the rest of us, making us all look like amateur morons, racists, or alcoholics.
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Ordinances Concerning the Feeding of the Homeless

Ordinances Concerning the Feeding of the Homeless

Reviewing a number of these laws has shown that the average RLSH has no concerns whatsoever.  Preparing a pot of soup, or making some sandwiches, does not generally fall into the scope of these ordinances.  There would only be a problem if the RLSH took it upon themselves to set up a “feed”, a prearranged time and place to meet and give food to the homeless.  But any clever RLSH group worth its salt would simply make friends with an existing organization, such as a church, or soup kitchen, and work under their direction, thus passing legal scrutiny.
Passing out packaged foodstuffs, or foods prepared at a place of business, where the product already meets currently established health codes, is not illegal.
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Phoenix Jones Sells Snake Oil, Calls It A Supersuit

I spent a long time thinking of the title for this. That’s about the best I could do.
Phoenix Jones has reached the point in his (in his head) celebrity status where he can solicit donations from his fans. Not for a charity, not for a worthy cause, or to help the homeless, or to feed starving children.
For a bulletproof suit, for himself.
You might think this is not such a bad idea, heck, you may even support it. Every superhero needs gear. I know I’ve put a fair amount of money into upgrading my gear over the two years I’ve been active. I’m sure Phoenix Jones has even spent some of his own money (some) into his gear.
But what does the average citizen superhero do to get the gear they need to do justice in their communities?
They work for it. They scrimp, they save, they work extra hours or second jobs.
Peter Parker, minus the powers, is probably the closest thing to an approachable RLSH you can get. He’s broke, he has responsibilities. He pays rent, he works a crappy job (I’ve worked some of the jobs he’s done). Yet he still manages to have the money to sew up his spandex suit and build web shooters.
But Phoenix Jones isn’t doing that this time. Because according to his Facebook page, he doesn’t want to be corrupted by corporate GREED. which is why he is asking for money from his fans. How much is he attempting to solicit, you ask?


Yes, 10 grand. that’s more than a lot of people make in a year. That’s more than most people (like the homeless) will ever see in the rest of their lifetimes. But Phoenix Jones needs a custom built, bulletproof supersuit, with a live streaming HD camera built in (he already has a HD camera by the way).
Why? For what? So he can get arrested again and have it confiscated by the police again? So he can run into a volatile situation involving a handgun and tackle some armed nut job in the middle of a crowded Seattle street? It’s happened before.
But I ask you, is this really necessary?
Do you really want to help?
Do you want to make a difference?
Giving Phoenix Jones your money is not the solution to a problem. It’s a WASTE is what it is. Phoenix Jones could easily take this kind of money and transform his team, the Rain City Superhero Movement into a completely trained, certified Non Profit Organization complete with all bulletproof gear, change the face of Seattle as a crime fighting organization and charity and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy causes. He could help start a homeless shelter or a new soup kitchen. If the RCSM was a NPO they could easily solicit donations from major corporations (who get a tax write off anyway) and really, truly change their community.
But why NOT put this money into the RCSM Jones? Why not put this into your team mates? into something BIGGER than YOURSELF.
Because that’s not the point. The point is to make himself look good. that’s ALL that matters to him.
I’ve collected some links to gear that can achieve pretty much exactly what PJ wants, and for a lot less than 10 G’s. Kevlar Helmet, Bullet Resistant Vest, Bullet Proof Mask, Ballistic Athletic Cup, Ballistic Neck & Shoulder Protection, Live Streaming HD Camera.
See Phoenix Jones? All that hardware could be yours for the low low price of a lot less than 10 grand. But that’s not the point, is it?
See, Phoenix Jones surprisingly has a lot of pull. He should use it to pull his head out of his ass.
But Phoenix Jones doesn’t want to do that. That doesn’t help make Phoenix Jones a better superhero, let alone a better person. It makes him what he proves himself to be time, and time again. An egocentric glory hound, who really only wants to propel himself further into the limelight. In the comics, superheroes make headlines, good or bad. That’s exactly what he wants, and all he wants. This is his ticket to that level of fame.
This is nothing more than a self service to him. Who benefits from this other than Phoenix Jones? NO ONE! PJ is the ONLY person that will benefit from YOU giving Phoenix Jones TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Not the city, not the homeless, not victims of domestic violence or starving children who sleep in the cold all night because they are homeless and HAVE NO MONEY THEMSELVES.
I could go on and on, I think I’ve made my point, and if anyone cannot ereally grasp what I am getting at here, then I don’t know what else to do.
I’m not opposed to Phoenix Jones soliciting funds for a worthy cause, a charity. Hell, if he did any of the things I mentioned above I’d honestly throw a few bones his way.
I am not opposed to Phoenix Jones creating a new supersuit. He used to wear a balaclava and MMA shorts and a cape. His rubber suit, was (somewhat :/) of an upgrade. I looked into those xtremedesignfx suits before Peej got his and thought they looked dumb, in my opinion, but I digress.
What I disagree with completely is his soliciting funds to buy himself a new bulletproof suit, and such an absurd amount at that!
Go make a POSITIVE CONSTRUCTIVE change in your environment. The COSTUME DOES NOT DEFINE THE SUPERHERO. It does NOT make you a better crime fighter, it does NOT make you more effective. This is not Iron Man, this is not a comic book, or a movie. This is REALITY, something you obviously fail to grasp. Get with it dude, seriously.
And for the record, Phoenix Jones, I want you to be a BETTER superhero, a GOOD superhero. Not the next Booster Gold, which by the way, in personality and style,. you two are half brothers.

The similarities are disturbing.
But if Phoenix Jones wants money for crazy new gear, there’s already programs in place of that. Phoenix Jones believes he’s too big to fail, which is why he needs a new supersuit, luckily the government offers bailout programs like the grants listed on this page.
According to the Community Guidelines set forth by Jones’ new suit violates “Fund my life” under Prohibited Causes.
Kickstarter Community Guidelines


This is what good Black men must Symbolically do to chocolate Klansmen
knock them off their perch- with the police beside us!

I admit it: I’m a consciously “Black” activist under the “real life superhero ( RLSH )” name of Capt Black. Big surprise huh? LOL.

I’m not a Minister Farrakhan nor arch-conservative Jesse Lee Petersen type. My approach is inclusive while high lighting inequities on both sides of WEB Dubois color line. I’m an equal opportunity advocate for what’s right.
There’s a place for consciously Black “real life superhero” activism. Look at the body count pouring from Inner City America and tell me somebody shouldn’t step up and loudly announce that the once-White Klan has become chocolate in these zip codes?I can’t overlook chocolate Klansmen in order to specialize solely as an anti-police brutality activist.  While on record as opposing police brutality I’m also absolutely against public brutality chocolate Klansmen inflict far, far more often.They stand head and shoulders above external threats to Inner City America. My generation will be judged on whether we allowed this fifth column with baggy pants and worse attitudes to dictate our reality.
That’s my big project- wrestling chocolate Klansmen off their unearned, lofty pedestal and culturally body slam them into the ash bin of history.
It runs parallel with regular RLSH duties of giving out food; small monetary gifts and offering inspiration on a take it or leave it basis. What can I say, I’m a professional do gooder- and proud of it.
Comic books and pulp novels are a life long inspiration. When Crack hit my neighborhood in the 1980s it was my ” Crime Alley ” moment to borrow from Batman’s epic origin. Early in my activism I would ask, ” If urban crime can make a fictional White man ( Bruce Wayne ) dress up like a bat to fight it- why isn’t the Hood overflowing with Batmen? ”
Capt Black is my answer to that question in a “post racial ” America.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention and homeless outreach. (504) 214-3082NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK


Phoenix Jones is a young Black man and self-proclaimed crime fighter in a socially progressive city ( Seattle ). He famously has a two-fisted approach to stopping urban crime.
To his credit he’s living proof that all young Black men aren’t what I call “chocolate klanmen” thugging their way through life.
As an older Black man who’s also in what the media calls the ” real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” community I’ve marveled at Jones’ color blind acceptance from the press, liberal and conservative. This argues well for where America is since its most famous costumed crusader is also part of the late Trayvon Martin’s generation.
I’d assume ( thank God ) Phoenix didn’t grow up under Jim Crow-lite like I did. His biography shows challenges in his upbringing which are indicative of our era.
My acute concern as a RLSH while Black is that Phoenix needs to be very, very careful during his interventions. Already arrested once ( case dropped ) local police are not exactly thrilled with his activities. While no racial angle has emerged it’s worth noting nonetheless.
He’s still a Black man using force and detaining White people- even in the liberal Pacific Northwest that’s risky.  The same caveat applies to Black suspects he encounters. One biased cop; upset complainants   plus one biased prosecutor equals life changing potential trouble for this young man.
My analysis might be a little too Old School for Phoenix reality but is offered anyway. As a Southern RLSH activist who began in progress-challenged Savannah, GA., being Black while wearing a mask ( “superhero” or not ) would have created more problems than it would have solved- like being mistaken for a criminal and shot by police! ( LOL ).
Phoenix Jones is the flip side of the Trayvon Martin tragedy: instead of a victim or too often for young brothers; a suspect, Jones is a self-appointed crime fighter or vigilante depending upon opinion. Should scores of other Black men follow his example will society be so accommadating?
Black while wearing a mask Jones isn’t a ” Black “activist vocally focused upon racial issues. He’s no cowled Al Sharpton and thus accepted much more readily. His brand is simple: red-blooded American male decides to do something about crime beyond fuming or dialing 911.
All I’m saying is, ” Be careful brother. ”
People have mostly accepted you for what you say you are but beware those who can’t accept America’s number one “real life superhero” being Black. Look at the grief President Obama gets in some quarters and learn.
My duty as a fellow anti crime activist while Black and male is to pass this unsolicited advice along to Phoenix Jones.

Phoenix Jones; race and being a real life superhero has yet to become a viral debate topic. Perhaps it never will.

But, you never know what direction this stuff can take- esepcially if people begin plotting against you for whatever reason.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention and homeless outreach. (504) 214-3082


The worst part of my crooked ( thankfully former ) employer’s pre-Independence Day pay check delay is this: placing my ability to help on ” pause??? ”
This eclipses any personal threat of lifestyle insecurity- though considerable ( LOL ).
The worst part is the sudden halt imposed upon my giveaways of food and small amounts of money. I live for bridging the gulf between myself and r souls in need.
That’s the gift free people share without some bureaucrat or strongman twisting our arms ( i.e. taxes; repressive regulations; liberty limiting laws etc. )
Critics consider this unworthy of ” real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” themed activism but I counter this is the essence of being a  RLSH.
Micro-good offerings of food; clothing and other items separates RLSH from fictional counterparts. Imagine Iron Man handing out sandwiches or Batman whipping out his Bat-card to pay for free meals inside an inner city McDonalds?
I hate turning down folks I routinely assist- HATE IT WITH A PASSION!!!
God put me here to give comfort in direct proportion to my motivation and resources, not become stalemated by small minds and greed.
Recalling what was possible just last week and even years ago provides some small comfort.
I’m striving to un-press this proverbial ” pause ” and absent outside input must wait until my until delayed check arrives or new work starts.
When your ability to help is on “pause” it’s not a happy time!
Helping others is a form of happiness better than the strongest legal or illegal drugs on the market!

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention.[email protected] is where you can Paypal donations to help me help others. 
Chocolate Klansmen Alert! & Finding Your “SUPER! ” are his two main presentations offered to raise consciousness about trends in urban safety and creative activism.
CAPT BLACK: (504) 214-3082
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