I call these crisis  “the Big Three Evils.”
We must oppose them without hesitation nor excuses!
Otherwise we’re worthless.
While I type and you read people are being brutalized who don’t have to be; are hungry literally surrounded by food and without shelter in the shadow of sorrounding structures???
Such avoidable misery puts the lie to arrogant claims that humanity is so advanced. Creative activists in the “real life superhero ” ( RLSH ); extreme altruist ( X ALT ) and citizen patrol ( CP ) communities have made opposing the Big Three Evils their industry standard.
Violent crime is the visible destruction of what happens quietly regarding hunger and homelessness. Notice sirens wail and flashing lights regarding violence but none upon discovering empty stomachs with no roof overhead?
Creative activists role is to spotlight the Big Three; help them on our own and rally citizens into the greatest potential mass movement possible: arresting violent crime; hunger and homelessness until they cease to exist.
High flown rhetoric? Perhaps. But stopping the Big Three Evils isn’t impossible. The micro-good creative activists accomplish on budgets infinitely less than those of the Department of Health and Human Services or USDA is daily proof.
More than any terror cell or rogue nation the Big Three Evils of brutality; hunger and homelessness test assumptions about being co-called caring human beings.
Every violence victim; hunger victim and homelessness victim are points on the Cosmic Scoreboard for the Big Three Evils.
Each small act reducing the Big Three Evils counts on the Cosmic Scoreboard too!
Suiting up and taking to the playing field of real life against the Big Three Evils is the only choice that makes sense!

CAP BLACK promotes creative crime prevention and provides safety first hand as a FREE! Security activist to select people and causes. (504) 214-3082 [email protected] is where can assist  my PERSONAL crusade against brutality; hunger & homelessness.


Heroic100 Strike out Hunger

Civitron's Heroic 100

Civitron’s Heroic 100

Dear Super-Friends,
On Monday, November 15th, I, Civitron and the superheroes of The Heroic 100 will be bowling to Strike Out Hunger with Project Bread!
We’re participating in Strike Out Hunger because today, thousands of people in Massachusetts experience hunger because they cannot afford adequate food. Local families are struggling even more this year to put food on the table because of a recent rise in the cost of everyday food and the high cost of living in the state. In fact, many families and individuals who never thought they’d need to ask for help are now having to decide between paying rent, getting medical care, or buying food. In this land of plenty, hunger is intolerable.
I’m sending this email to all of you today because in my opinion, you all represent in your own way what’s truly awesome about the real life superhero movement and have made a tremendous impact on my life. Together, we can truly make a difference in the lives of hungry people. Thank you for your support!
Please visit for ways to help Strike Out Hunger on November 15th.
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Civitron Walks for Hunger

Civitron will be particpating in the Project Bread’s 2010 Walk for Hunger.
Many Massachusetts families are seeing their monthly income stretched beyond capacity. They are forced to go without food in order to pay their rent, utility, and medical bills. The demand for emergency food has never been greater with pantries and meal programs supported by Project Bread serving 57.3 million meals last year alone. Hunger is not just an urban problem — it exists in nearly every community throughout the state.
The money that is raise by with fund more than 400 emergency food programs in 135 communities statewide. Hunger affects more than 554,000 people in Massachusetts, including the state’s most vulnerable citizens — children, the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed. Hunger also affects the working poor, who use more and more of their income to pay rent, heating oil, medical care, and childcare. Both children and the elderly are disproportionately represented at emergency food programs funded by Project Bread. In low-income communities throughout the state, one child in three lives in a family that struggles to put food on the table.
Donate to Civitron’s cause at

Superheroes Bring Christmas Cheer To Kids

ORLANDO — Some underprivileged children are enjoying new presents and clothes thanks to the help of a few superheroes.
People dressed in superhero outfits handed out candy and gifts to children under the Interstate 4 underpass in downtown Orlando.
“I’ve been doing this for many years because I was once a homeless man. And I’m a real life superhero. We have a worldwide organization. We do this, and we love to do this. We want to help people. There’s definitely a need to help people,” said organizer Master Legend.
Master Legend said he helped with the search for Caylee Anthony and all the gifts are being donated in her name.