Expand Self-Defense Law In High Crime Areas? Asks Capt Black?

Nadra Enzi
Thought Experiment:

A compassionate federal government passes revolutionary legislation creating ” Enhanced Self-defense Zones ” or ESZs where  ” Stand Your Ground ” transforms into ” Defend Your Turf ” for inner city; Mexican Border and rural communities with extraordinarily high violent crime rates.

Imagine the feds considering citizens grown enough and moral enough to mow down thugs foreign and domestic on our own?

Naww, couldn’t happen. Government prefers otherwise able-bodied adults depend upon the handful of local; state; federal and military personnel to do the heavy lifting.

An uncomfortable truth for some is there will never be enough government protective employees to serve as each American’s personal body guard. Into this void willing citizens can step but obviously shouldn’t unless current law is radically re-envisioned.

Gun owners who follow the rules aren’t the ones using city streets for target practice. Thugs often aren’t even supposed to have guns because of felon status; clearly have no rules of engagement and obviously don’t inform authorities of what they’re stockpiling or its illicit purpose.

The ESZ concept smacks of state-sanctioned vigilantism but actually is a cry to recognize just how brutal thugs are becoming in certain parts of the United States.

Don’t be surprised if the day comes when a future President; Congress and US Supreme Court unite to craft and uphold the constitutionality of such a measure.

We can choose now to reduce thugs reign of terror by squashing racial; ideological and other beefs in favor of supporting unbiased policing and prosecution of professional predators, individually and as organizations.

Failing this, bills like my ” Enhanced Self-defense Zone ” could eventually become reality. Expanding self-defense law in high crime areas maybe seen as civil rights legislation equal to anything Lincoln; LBJ or Nixon signed.    

New Orleans is where I live. It would be a prime test city for such policy.


Thought Experiment over.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK, THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082







For Immediate Release
Anti-Crime Activist
(504) 214-3082
February 7, 2012

( NEW ORLEANS ): Occupy NOLA calls for an immediate citizen response to a pending court decision on behalf of all street vendors on Canal Street.
We gather to protest for street vendor’s rights at 2PM, Wednesday, February 8th at the The New Orleans Municipal City Courthouse, 727 S Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119 just prior to a court decision involving Nadra Enzi.
Nadra Enzi, aka Captain Black, who has worked as security and clerk to a Canal Street vendor, Ms. Simone Simon has been issued tickets by Eighth District Officer Larry Adams, who appears to curry the favor of the Downtown Development District (DDD) by trying to over zealously meet their goal of “cleaning up” the area. Nadra Enzi reports to Occupy NOLA that the officer involved has a history of pursuing this objective as if on a mission, creating stress and discomfort amongst the vendors. Nadra Enzi has been cited while he was helping out a permit-holding vendor and feels he has been singled out unfairly by Officer Adams.
The City’s vendors serve as an integral part of New Orleans’ festive scene and diverse culture. Canal street vendors are a local institution. Occupy NOLA is protesting for a secure place for them to operate and a re-examination of the permit which is becoming a witch hunt of over regulation.
All citizens are called to be aware of this struggle of the underdog vendor versus the mighty Downtown Development District. This pending decision may cause more unchallenged harassment of vendors if we don’t stand up for them now!
Occupy NOLA, the Direct Action Working Group and Captain Black demand:

1. Dismissal of charges against Captain Black
2. Officer Larry Adams removal from NOPD as well for violating Serpas’ “you lie you die” rule by making false statements.
3. The Independent Police Monitor and FBI investigate the DDDs misuse of off duty police racially profiling black vendors, black chess players, black youth and all black citizens, period!
4. The Downtown Development District be banned from using off duty police officers to enforce its ideology. Management has abused that privilege far too greatly to allow this behavior to continue.



  1. Nadra Enzi

    A crimson tide of a different sort was avoided in downtown New Orleans this morning while Alabama’s upset was being celebrated: I persuaded a brother to give me the pistol he intended to use on someone with whom he was having a heated argument.
    Tempers flare in the Hood ( and within Hood mentalities ) and become ballistic- everybody knows that. Headlines and broadcasts of this attrition rate have become routine, and even expected.
    For outsiders this is a peek at what Black citizens, concerned and otherwise, disproportionately face- violence wildly exceeding provocation.
    Compounding this defused attempt was the potential shooter’s status as a felon and probationer. Repeated reciting of both facts eventually swayed him.
    Black men are obviously free to sit on the sidelines while this mindset enlists more boys and adults into a fifth column laying waste to more lives than overseas combat. Ironically many brothers devoid of the Hood mindset often take more pains avoiding it than folks across town who’re terrified long range via media.
    Gun control isn’t the answer. Self-control is what’s needed. Law abiding citizens can possess arsenals in their homes and businesses and never commit violent crime. Concealed carry licensees as a group are far less likely to illegally use firearms than other segments of society.
    This morning’s episode underscores why I beat the Black male/Black cop unity drum. This union can hack into societal software brainwashing boys and men into justifying not just murder but sometimes mass murder because of little more than hurt feelings.
    I plan to have our group, Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops, do aftercare with him. Our prison minister actually counseled this man while he was in Orleans Parish Prison and now seems an even better time to do so again.
    We can’t blame other people when we’re the ones overwhelmingly misusing the Second Amendment against each other.
    NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK has promoted Black male/Black cop unity his entire life. He’s also the founder of Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops and various police appreciation efforts.(504) 214-3082
    [email protected]


Capt Black Mediates 2nd Occupy Nola Arrest.

Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
Creative Activist

Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops
[email protected]
(504) 214-3082
Creative Activist
Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops
[email protected]
(504) 214-3082

http://www.bestofneworleans.com/blogofneworleans/archives/2011/12/14/de-occupied-nola -NEW CONTENT! Capt. Black Mediates 2nd Occupy Nola Arrest ( Capt. Black is wearing orange hoodie with backpack in video ).



 Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
Creative Activist
( NEW ORLEANS ): Nadra Enzi aka Capt Black, the Free Security activist and named plantiff in the temoporary restraining order that allowed Occupy Nola to return to Duncan Plaza discusses protesters resolve despite cold and having the city destroy their tents.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative activism in crime prevention; homeless outreach and political activism.




Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
Creative Activist

[email protected]
(504) 214-3082 
( NEW ORLEANS ): Nadra Enzi aka Capt Black, the Free Security activist who’s the named plantiff in the temoporary restraining order that allowed Occupy Nola to return to Duncan Plaza discusses the services Occupy Nola provided homeless and other at-risk citizens.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative activism in crime prevention; homeless outreach and political activism.
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Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
Creative Activist
[email protected]
(504) 214-3082 
( NEW ORLEANS ): December 1st, 2011 I began my latest Free Security stint supervising the newly revamped Community Patrol at the Occupy New Orleans tent sites in downtown New Orleans across from City Hall.
While a nominal Hood conservative I still identify with this movements plea for greater economic access and respect for civil liberties in this age of Obama.
Its security committee is comprised of citizens whose political outlook is also right of center. Far from the hippies and lunatics mainstream conservatives label all Occupiers, they are passionate about individualism and preserving safety for all participants.
To that end several fights among homeless non-Occupiers were broken up and today I forcibly restrained an assailant who’d sucker punched Doc, a lead security committee member and Vietnam combat veteran.
We also enjoy an excellent relationship with the New Orleans Police Department who’s been called when arrests were required.
I support Americans peacefully airing our concerns whether their label is Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street.
Beneath media partisanship I see this as a moratorium on the failed promises of past and present Administrations and am proud that people are willing to give so much to highlight persistent problems eroding national quality of life.
Helping secure Occupy New Orleans is my modest contribution to a process that hopefully will spur much needed change. Only a free people could even undertake a protest as audacious as this.
That’s why many Occupy sites have security committees to protect all involved. 
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative activism in crime prevention; homeless outreach and political activism.


October 28-30- Superheroes Anonymous 5

Superheroes Anonymous LogoOriginally posted: http://plancast.com/p/7nxk/superheroes-anonymous-year-five-new-york-city
Five years ago, Superheroes Anonymous launched the first large scale meeting of Real Life Superheroes. Since then we’ve been able to help over 5,000 homeless people, do missions all over the world including hospital visitations, public safety patrols, workshops and we have been featured in over 200 publications (such as NYT, CNN, FOX, BBC, 60 Minutes) from over 45 countries with a message of inspiration and empowerment.Following the launch of our first event, we visited New Orleans and rebuilt with Habitat for Humanity where Mayor Nagin declared it “The Day of the Superheroes,” in New Bedford, MA we had a benefit concert for a homeless shelter and lifesaving and self-defense courses and last year in Portland we Raced for the Cure against breast cancer and gave blood with the Oregon Red Cross.
This year, we’re giving back to the city where it all started: New York. We are holding a giant event during the weekend of October 28-30th that will incorporate the best of of the charitable, fun and community-outreach programs that we have been involved with in the years past.
About Year Five
Superheroes Anonymous Year Five is an event taking place in New York City from Friday Oct 28th culminating on Sunday, October 30th, 2011. Real Life Superheroes will convene from around the world, promoting public acts of charity and community outreach through workshops, classes, patrols, a benefit concert and a press conference. Superheroes Anonymous Year Five will globally empower people all over and support our goal of saving the world.



Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
Creative Activist
Good Citizens Organizer
[email protected]
(504) 214-3082
Imagine one man cleaning up the worst block on New Orleans world famous Canal Street???
He doesn’t want credit so I’ll just call him ” Titan. ”
Titan warns drug dealers and users about congregating in front of his restaurant; previously an open air market for illegal drugs.
He then calls police before their shocked eyes even describing them in painful detail.
Titan is Black by the way; as are majority of the causes for his 911 calls. Daily he tramples ” Stop Snitching ” into the dust with his actions.
He’s also a walking billboard for rehabilitation as a former dealer and user. Titan now builds up what he once tore down.
Titan represents a growing departure from liberal thought: that simply being Black means you condone criminal activity within your community. He also is alot more ” in your face ” concerning crime than many law and order conservatives who avoid zip codes where he works.
Organizing with good citizens like Titan helps reclaim our community ” block by block ” to use his favorite phrase.
Crescent City Cafe, located at 1104 Canal Street off the corner of Elk Place, is the jewel in the crown of grassroots safety and revitalization good citizens like this create.
It will also host a National Night Against Crime block party October 11, 2011.
Call Crescent City Cafe at (504) 522-1769