"Breaking the spell" of Bystander effect???

So follow me on this one… “Bystander effect” where something happens & people stand around and watch…or worse Video a drowning person for their youtube channel.
Sunday I was headed home up McMullen Booth when all the traffic in my lane slows to a dead crawl & gets all swervie up ahead…when I finally get up there there is a Damn BOX SPRING off a King or Queen size bead laying across the lane! No body is doing anything accept trying to get around it. I stop & dive out to grab it, and suddenly the guy behind me does the same thing. We grab it together, toss it in the grass, & take off.
So…did my stopping “Break the spell” of Bystander effect? This is not the first time this has happened to me, just the first time I’ve realized it fully that people act after I do. Has this happened to any of you? does this make what we do actually more important? Opinions? Thoughts?

Real-life superhero The Man in Black patrols Harrow streets at night

Originally posted: http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/9019699._Superhero__patrols_Harrow_streets_at_night/
By Jack Royston

The Man in Black: 'real-life superhero' Joseph Falica, 19, patrols Harrow's streets fighting crime.

The Man in Black: ‘real-life superhero’ Joseph Falica, 19, patrols Harrow’s streets fighting crime.

HARROW criminals may sleep a little less soundly at night knowing a self-proclaimed “real-life superhero” is patrolling the streets.
The Man in Black, aka 19-year-old Joseph Falica, dons a black trilby or flat cap and sometimes hides his face with a scarf, before jumping out of the darkness at unsuspecting troublemakers.
The Harrow Weald resident has learned Parkour, an urban French discipline, which involves climbing and jumping onto the top of buildings, so he can survey the streets around him.
He says he has a spot in Harrow town centre where no one can see him, but he has a perfect view of anything happening below.
He said: “The main weapon I use is to inflict fear on the criminal by coming out of the darkness. It does generally work.
“I just get people to stop and if it escalates, it escalates.”
However, a Met Police spokesman said: “We strongly advise people not to take the law into their own hands. If people see a crime being committed, they should always call 999.”
Joseph claims a recent incident involved a man who was being physically aggressive to his girlfriend in the Harrow-on-the-Hill area.
He recalled: “He was pinning the girl to the wall. I just came up and scared him because I came out of the black.
“He asked who I was and I said, ‘That doesn’t matter, just get off her and don’t touch her again or else we are going to have a problem’.”
After chasing the man away, Jospeh walked the girl home and said she was happy he had intervened, but did not really understand what had happened.
Joseph claims he also found some kids smoking drugs near St Mary’s Church in Harrow-on-the-Hill and moved them on.
The self-appointed superhero, who was born in Britain, moved to America with his family in 1998 and says he comes from a criminal background.
He claims ancestors on his father’s side were involved with the Sicilian mafia in Chicago, although his grandfather was the last in the chain.
While in America, Joseph became involved in gangs, fighting and general antisocial behaviour, but decided to turn his back on his troubled past and do something good for society.
However, Joseph’s bid to fight crime has landed him in trouble and on one occasion, he was attacked by up to four people with baseball bats.

Real Life Supervillains Invade Home

Originally posted: http://www.unexplainable.net/Simply-Unexplainable/Real-Life-Supervillains-Invade-Home.shtml
By Chris Capps
Real life Superheroes have been a subject in the news media for some time now, gradually picking up steam and gaining attention (and in some cases notoriety) for their well intentioned interpretation of comic book culture by living out the philosophies of our favorite caped crusaders on city streets around the world. But this latest strange case sees not two real life superheroes, but rather a duo of never-do-wells who invaded a home in Manchester and stabbed a cocker spaniel. The injury was not fatal, but we are left questioning if this is the reverse side of the good done by those who wish only to do good in the world – and wear a costume while doing it.
The intruders in this case were two men wearing masks and improvised capes made from trash can protectors who gained unauthorized entry to the home of one woman at 10:40 on Sunday night. The owner of the house had just stepped outside for a cigarette, but when she returned she noticed two men attacking the family’s cocker spaniel with a screwdriver. Terrified, the woman retreated, but when the burglars saw her there they retreated, allowing her a chance to see the bizarre trash can liners they had draped around their shoulders. Police later reported to the BBC news that they did not believe it was a personal attack and that the woman’s home had been picked likely at random in an effort to steal her belongings. Obviously, the woman was deeply disturbed by the events, and the fact that her cocker spaniel was not seriously injured did not erase the fact that an extremely strange pair had broken into her home.
So we’re left asking the question, why were they wearing such strange outfits? And could this be the criminal’s response to the increasing appearance of real life superheroes? Could masked crusaders for good and equally masked monsters of society one day battle it out in a real life battlefield that smashes every conception we have of law and order and leaves only a wasteland of props mixed in with real life weapons? In a world where justice doesn’t always prevail automatically, and there is no known deus ex machina guaranteeing good will always win out over evil, the prospect has a disturbing ring to it.
But real life superheroes have for years stated that their mission is the improvement of society through peaceful intervention – often taking up pet causes themselves to clean up their communities of more than crime. Many are ecological advocates, such as Captain Ozone or various others who have set up their own version of the neighborhood watch.
But there is one factor to this that suggests real life superheroics and real life supervillainy may one day become an issue. As technology improves and is gradually integrated into our human form through bionics, could we one day run across people who have dedicated their entire lives to transforming their human form into one possessing what we today would consider superpowers? Perhaps then we will be forced to take the masks and capes a bit more seriously – whether they be worn by heroes or villains.

Superhero Teenage Nicks

Originally posted: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3449966/Superheroes-teenage-nicks.html
By Vince Soodin

BRITAIN'S youngest real-life superheroes have joined forces to fight street crime.

BRITAIN’S youngest real-life superheroes have joined forces to fight street crime.

Masked crusaders Night Warrior and The Man In Black, both 18, teamed up like Batman and Robin.
They have already hunted down a suspected drugs gang and tipped off cops about their den in North London.
Hat-wearing The Man In Black said he has been in a few scrapes tackling crime – and was cut on the hand by one thug. But he only uses an UMBRELLA for protection.
He revealed his identity as unemployed Joseph Falica, of Harrow, who started patrols two years ago. He said: “I’m willing to risk my life.”
Spandex-clad Night Warrior, who has joined him on patrol in London, is from Salford, Gtr Manchester. He said: “I’m saving up for a bullet-proof vest.”
Last week The Sun told of at least 16 other real-life superheroes on Britain’s streets.

Is it a bird? Is it in pain? Call the… Black Arrow

Originally posted: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3445844/Britains-first-real-life-female-superhero-on-mission-to-rescue-abused-pets.html
black_arrow-2By Ryan Sabey and Dan Sales
BRITAIN’S first real-life female superhero emerged last night – and she saves abused PETS.
The mysterious BLACK ARROW claims to have used her secret identity for six years.
She wears a cape and mask and is a carer for disabled adults by day.
The Londoner said: “I make sure people aren’t abusing their animals. I serve justice to those who deserve it. We stand for those who cannot, because we can.”
The Sun has revealed at least 16 superheroes in Britain.
Another to emerge yesterday was Londoner CAPTAIN CHAMPION who patrols with a Union Flag shield.
His pal VAGUE, 24, is also a crime-buster.
ZEITGEIST, who dons a black mask, claims to have helped “clean up” a bar serving underage drinkers.
Blue-costumed hero ANGLE GRINDER spends days as a Kent odd-job man and nights removing wheel clamps from cars.
KNOW a real superhero? Call us on 0207 782 4104 or email [email protected]
[email protected]

There's A Banker In Birmingham England Who Is Patrolling The Streets At Night As A Real-Life Superhero Called The Statesman

Originally posted: http://www.businessinsider.com/banker-superman-the-statesman-2011-2
By Katya Wachtel
In the cult comic series Batman (and in the films spawned from the comic) the man behind the mask is Bruce Wayne — a billionaire investor by day, and of course, a crime-fighting rogue by night.
While the protagonist in this story is no billionaire, he is also a financier by day and a “superhero” by night.
In moonlight and masked, there is a crime-fighting man in Birmingham in the UK known as “The Statesmen.”
In daylight and suited, he is just a regular banker, according to the Daily Mail.
This unnamed banker is not the first regular guy to turn himself into a real-life superhero; last month a character — in both senses of the word — called Phoenix Jones began patrolling the streets of Seattle to fight crime.
The Birmingham banker told the paper he has “foiled a drug dealer and prevented burglaries.” His disguise includes a Union Flag T-shirt, combat pants, military boots and a black Zorro-style mask. He wears a utility belt, and carries with him a first aid kit, “a torch to startle burglars,” a notepad and a cheap mobile phone (to call for back-up, should he need it).
And according to the Mail, one of the reasons he has become The Statesman, is to counter his life as a banker:
I work for a large bank dealing with savings and investments. All day I look at numbers and percentages and work out how to make people richer. It’s not a popular occupation but I like to think I make up for this by going out at night and trying to do something to help everybody.
The banker has been boxing since he was 11, and was also in the army.
And why “The Statesman”? Because, “a Statesman is an ambassador, a diplomat and somebody who delivers a message. Something that’s meaningful and positive, and that’s something I feel that represents what I do,” he said.
For more crazy details about The Statesman’s escapades, go to the Daily Mail >

Tracking as opposed to trailing

By Thanatos
Tracking is somewhat similar and takes a larger investment in time but the results are still obtainable and in a safer procedure as well. You basically trail somebody in steps once you know where the steps are located.
I’ll explain how I tracked one individual from downtown to a location in another city here in the lower mainland.
I watched one dealer leave everyday about noon and return in a few hours with more supplies to sell. so the first couple of days I followed him as far as the sky train station.
then I waited at the sky train station and followed him on to a train. I watched him get off in New Westminster for a couple of days.
Then I waited at the New West station at the time he should be coming through. I followed him to the bus area and noted what bus he got on. Again for a couple of days to be sure of the pattern.
Next I rode the bus, making sure to be ahead of him by a few people when boarding the bus, and again noted where he got off. Then I drove around the area and looked it over. it was a older residential area. kind of quiet but there was graffiti around.
I decided to ‘stake out’ the area of the bus stop and see where he went from there. So I could hang out in the area for a while I dressed in a hard hat, safety vest and a clip board. Then I walked around the area and stopped at every hydro pole and wrote the serial number down on my clipboard. It at least looked like I was doing something.
I watched him get off the bus and walk over to a house that had caught my eye. The yard behind the high fence was full of garbage and the place looked to be lived in by about a dozen or more people.
He stayed a hour and just as I was getting ready to leave, having listed all the poles and not wanting to draw attention by just hanging around, he left and waited for the bus.
the next day I followed him from the sky train station back to downtown.
I relayed the information about the location of the house to my police contact.
I wore different clothes every time. everything from ‘street’ clothes to a suit to work clothes. You have to take your time and sometimes even start all over from the beginning again.
Also before you run out and try this it pays to practice ‘playing spy’ with friends or family or who ever. Once you feel comfortable then you might attempt it. Just remember if you think you’ve been spotted then terminate what you’re doing and approach it from a different angle.
This isn’t a comic book or a movie. This is real life and these people play for keeps.
Originally posted: http://www.therlsh.net/the-bat-cave-f21/tracking-as-opposed-to-trailing-t3148.htm

Dark Guardian on the Net

Dark GuardianPage 2 features Dark Guardian
Quick mention about real life superheroes and Dark Guardian towards the bottom
Quick mention of a real life superhero

Superheroes Get Real

Originally posted: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/06/11/earlyshow/main5080828.shtml
Average Citizens Become Caped Crusaders In The Battle Against Crime
Superheroes Are Real!
Everyday citizens around the world are mimicking movie superheroes by fighting crime and helping the needy. Michelle Miller reports. Real-life superhero Citizen Prime discussed his double life.
(CBS) In closets around the world, their tights and capes are tucked away. They have day jobs and lives, but when night comes, they become…Dark Guardian! Life! Civitron! Citizen Prime! And many other superhero identities.
These people are average citizens-turned-crime fighters, regularly suiting up to do good deeds. CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reported on The Early Show Thursday that there may be as many as 200 superheroes keeping watch in communities everywhere.
And they’re taking on crime right where it lives.
Dark Guardian, a real-life superhero, showed Miller how he’s is trying to rid New York City streets of drug dealers.
He walked up to someone he thought was a drug dealer and told him to leave a park
And though they don’t carry a badge, they are getting recognition for their work. Miller reported a superhero who calls himself Master Legend has been credited by police for rescuing people after Hurricane Charlie, and two other superheroes in England are being celebrated for defending two police officers under attack.
But these superheroes aren’t just taking down people they think are bad guys, they’re also doing outreach, such as feeding the homeless. And the superhero community is getting organized through New York-based initiative, Superheroes Anonymous, which documents the real-life superhero phenomenon.
Other superheroes are reaching out to children. One such superhero, Citizen Prime, joined The Early Show on Thursday.
Citizen Prime, an executive at a financial institution, said he’s giving back through outreach at schools. He works with Kid Heroes, performing with a team that teaches children about bullying, emergencies, encouragement and helping friends.
Citizen Prime, like many superheroes, said he keeps his professional life separate from his superhero life.
“I don’t have a secret identity per se, but I do have an alter ego,” he said. “…I think what Citizen Prime really represents is that hero inside all of us. When you find out who I am, it’s a whole lot less interesting than Citizen Prime.”
But do they really need the costume?
“It’s a way for me to be loud, to be something more, something super – and hopefully get the attention of people around me,” Civitron told Miller.
And they do get attention — some good, some bad.
“I’ve been threatened,” Dark Guardian told Miller. “People have put a gun on us, but I never back down.”
The only defense they have is pepper spray and sometimes a bullet-proof vest. Police discourage their work, but they’re still crusading for justice any way they can.
Dark Guardian said, “Somebody needs to stand up against the people who are doing wrong.”
Want to learn more about being a superhero? Visit Real Life Superheroes or, click here to learn more about bringing out the superhero in you.

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Microtrends: Real-life superheroes

Orignially posted: http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article3652004.ece
Worried that the world is going to hell? Why not slip on a pair of tights and a mask and do something about it?
By Michael Moran
April 5, 2008
Many of us bemoan the weakening of social cohesion that has led to an explosion of petty crime on our streets. Very few complainants, though, are inspired to don a superhero costume and patrol our cities to combat the burgeoning unpleasantness.
However, that might be about to change, with the advent of the real-life superheroes. Citizen Prime (above) is the most convincing of the bunch, patrolling the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, in his impressive custom-made armour. Further down the budgetary scale come Terrifica, who offers safe-sex advice to tipsy female clubgoers in New York, and the Big O, from Tunbridge Wells, who stops hooligans vandalising hanging baskets or defacing tea-shop frontages.
Hundreds of costumed crime fighters are listed on The World Heroics Database and the World Superhero Registry – but their biggest problem is that not one of them currently has an arch-enemy listed on their profile.
Sadly, without a stock of supervillains, real-life superheroes are little more than a particularly flamboyant Neighbourhood Watch