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The beginning …

Definition: Epiphany: a sudden, intuitive perception or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple occurrence or experience.
My Epiphany
I have been having multiple conversations about Prime and the creation of so many real life events and experiences. While Prime.Vox.com will be dedicated to the fictional goings on of Prime and The Night Watch, I’m making an announcement. A departure from what was and announcing what will be.
I am crossing the threshold. The real Paragon Prime is about to be born. This blog will cronicle my journey.
I hope this doesnt get confusing. I mean, many things I talk about with Prime.Vox.com are my experiences and Prime fiction is based on many of my real life events.
So lets be very clear from the get go: Anything in MySpace is real. Anything in Prime.Vox.com is a hazy meld of real life and fictional. There. Now that Ive said that, Im sure Ill have to repeat it a billion times.
So this particular blog is simply an announcement and intent to bring Prime from the dregs of my long term vision through the looking glass. I think there will be a lot of prep here so I dont expect to hit the streets tomorrow.
As far as leading up to this, I’m sure that’s why I was drawn here. I’ve always been leading up to this, I think. I was accepted to be in the LAPD an age ago. I didn’t like how they treated people, inluding their own and never accepted the commision. I was in Army Intelligence and that played a part in making me who I am today. I have discussed joining the Guardian Angels … the only reason I have not is distance from the nearest chapter (about 100 miles). My three dogs and me play the neighborhood watch. When someone breaks down, I stop and help. I see trouble, I pull over and see what I can do or I call the cops if outgunned or outmanned (hey, Im not mental!). Finally, I feel it coming together. The foundation has been build over the years. Now, its time to build the house of Paragon Prime.
Initially, there really isnt a lot of difference from what I do today, except I’ll be able to do more as I’ll be outfitted and loaded for bear. And being one of the primary models of excellence in the hero biz is what I will work to achieve, hence Paragon Prime will be my name as, really, it has been for a long time.
Hopefully, reading both the real Prime and the fictional Prime will bring you a fuller picture of where I see this whole nationwide hero awakening going. To be honest, I saw myself becoming a part of it from the get go. While everyone is finding their way in all this, I’ve been playing this pretty close to the vest. I feel I can now open up a little and share my real plans as well as the fictional vision. I dont see any harm and, frankly, I see a lot of good as we all share and make each other better, stronger and respected in a world that will have to get used to Professional Heroes.
Prime, Out …

Birth of a Blog

Location: The Blog Scrap Yard
Time: The Dawn of Today
The wreckage of the Blog Scrap Yard was silhouetted like a hair-tangled, mish-mash against the vapor of an orange horizon. New daybreak heated the misshapen pyramids of discarded blog-scrap, simmering the sunrise in silent anticipation.
A movement. A tumbling of conjunctions skidded down a piled high blog-heap. Then a low, steady rumble. Seagulls bolted, echoing iron shreeched warnings in the morning expanse. The ground shook. And shook again. Then silence. For a heartbeat.
BOOM! An explosion of noun, verb, and adjective shrapnel flew like hot metal across the abandoned Blog Yard. The largest mountain of tousled prose bubbled up, spitting out volcanic verse, sending whole sentences tumbling down the mile high blog-rock face.
Then the tip of something, just visible through the wreckage, reflected with borrowed light from the ascending, curious sun. A liquid, mirrored blog-thing rose and formed and flew from the scraps, humming with power, to streak like a bullet high above the yard. It shot into the morning sky, blazing with light and sound. It bellowed like a cosmic foghorn in the expansive firmament.
Neighbors scurried out of their houses in robes and t-shirts, squinting up at the clarion colossus, the thunderous broadcast now emblazoned on its vast obelisk form.
And everywhere, around the blogsphere, the name echoed like a new promise.
Under the unimaginable pressure of countless, forgotten blog tonnage, a new blog was formed, with a promise to be different. With a promise to change everything.