Team Justice at the 5th Annual Sunscreen Film Festival

Who: The Sunscreen Film Festival is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit charity dedicated to promoting the art of filmmaking, providing educational opportunities for individuals of all ages in all aspects of film and it’s related crafts, and creating economic development in the State of Florida and the Greater St. Petersburg/Tampa area through film and filmmaking.
What: The Sunscreen Film Festival is bringing together several Film Producers and Comic Book experts along with a group of Real Life Superheroes (Team Justice, also a 501 © 3 nonprofit charity) to present panels and workshops relating to comics and film during the 2010 Festival. Currently confirmed guests for this include;
Ralph Winter, Producer: X-men, Fantastic Four, Original Star Trek Films and many more Dan Lin, Producer: New Sherlock Holmes movie, Terminator Salvation, The Departed, Dean Batali, Producer, Showrunner: That 70’s Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Leo Partible, Screenwriter, comic books, films: Behind the Screen: Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture, The Gospel According to Superheroes: Religion and Pop Culture (with a Foreword by Stan Lee)
When: During the Sunscreen Film Festival, which is from Wednesday April 14, 2010 to Sunday April 18, 2010.
Where: Muvico 20 &IMAX and the Baywalk Entertainment Complex in downtown St. Petersburg,FL.
Why: To further the non-profit missions of these two organizations. Additionally During the fest Sunscreen is partnering up with the Children’s Dream Fund to fulfill the wishes of several terminally ill children. This event will coincide with the Children’s Dream Fund event as well.
Sunscreen Film Festival
The Festival has been able to rapidly expand its reach by attracting top talent both in front of and behind the camera. Guests have included John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Phantom of the Opera), and Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice, Changeling) along with accomplished screenwriters Steven DeSouza (Die Hard, 48 Hours) and Timothy Sexton (Children of Men). In addition, each year the festival draws professionals from all areas of the entertainment business and sponsors workshops to encourage and inform up-and-coming filmmakers looking to learn from some of the most knowledgeable people in the entertainment industry.
The Sunscreen Film Festival was recently named one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals” of 2009 by MovieMaker Magazine.
Information about the Sunscreen Film Festival:

Green Power Rally

Environmental Media Northwest, Captain Ozone and a group of local citizens are organizing a public demonstration for renewable energy known as “Green Power Rally” which will occur on Saturday, July 31st, 2010.
This will be the very first demonstration of its kind in America, raising public awareness and support for renewable energy far and wide.
Green Power Rally is not an aggressive protest against the fossil fuel or nuclear power corporations. It is an optimistic, peaceful demonstration to support zero-emissions energy.
The demonstration will teach local citizens the following:
1) Green Power can make all nations energy self-sufficient – eliminating wars over limited supplies of foreign oil.
2) Zero-emissions energy will never cause climate change.
3) Green Power can create millions of new industrial jobs – boosting our global economy.
4) 12 ways to be a Green Power activist.

Captain Ozone is looking for other Real-life Superheroes who wish to become lead public demonstrators in their home cities for Green Power Rally.
Wearing your superhero uniform, you will be leading a small group of your friends and family who will be demonstrating for Green Power with you in your local community. Your superhero uniform will act as an attention-grabber for your local media!
If you’re interested in becoming a lead public demonstrator for Green Power Rally in your home city, please contact Captain Ozone at
~Captain Ozone

Green Power Rally will take place on Saturday, July 31st, 2010.
For more information about this demonstration, go to

Florida Supergroup Raises The Bar

by Allison ‘Apocalypse Meow’ King
Anything is possible with a dream and a few friends. Just ask Master Legend.
Based in Orlando, this Real Life Superhero is the founder of ‘Team Justice’, and he isn’t doing it alone. The new non-profit joins heroes such as Superhero, Lady Hero, Tothian, Symbiote, Enviro-Hero, Entomo, Crimson Fist, Thanatos, Baffling Weirdo, Disabler, Securio, Ace Diamond, Knightvigil, and Brimstone to the cause. Master Legend originally formed his early team, then called the ‘Justice Force’. However, he later realized that the name was taken, and team member Tothian renamed the group ‘Team Justice’.
Superhero first met Master Legend during a handout on Christmas 2007, in Orlando. But the two main forces behind Team Justice had come from very different places.
A resident of Clearwater, Florida, Superhero served in the Navy and even graduated from the police academy. In the late 1990’s, he was a pro-wrestler that used his name as his gimmick. After an injury halted his career, Superhero retained the name and kept his persona alive for tv pilots. Superhero later worked in camera and audio, video retail and broadcasting for UPN, PAX, Ion and others. He was even a one-time bodyguard for actor Patrick Wilson.
Known as ‘Captain Midnight’ and ‘The Legend’ in his younger days, Master Legend partcipated in motorcross stunts and jumps. A master at Kung Fu and his signature ‘Twisted Tornado Kick’, he helped at youth camps for troubled youth. Already introducing himself as ‘The Legend’, a child once called him ‘Master Legend’ by mistake, and the name stuck. Knowing firsthand about being disadvantaged, helping others came easy to Master Legend. But the twenty-year Red Cross member always had to turn financial donations away because it was not legal to accept them for his patrols and missions.
Central Florida News 13 reported another Christmas handout for Master Legend, Superhero and other members in 2008. Master Legend, who had helped in the search for Caylee Anthony, had announced that all the gifts were being donated in her name. The 2008 toy drive at Christmas was bittersweet for Superhero, who was thrilled to help but was saddened that they couldn’t do even more. As many Real Life Superheroes have come to realize, some handouts are only as large as your own pocketbook. That’s when ‘Team Justice’ knew they had to do something.
Superhero started by completing applications for non profit status for the group by himself, so that Master Legend could retain his secret identity. Assisted by the Chamber of Commerce, a non profit advisor, judge, and two lawyers helped to provide invaluable support and guidance. After countless documents, procedures and waiting, ‘Team Justice’, now four years old, officially became a non profit organization on December 8, 2009. ‘Team Justice’ is proud to be the first non-profit organization of the Real Life Superhero Community. And thanks to the new development and assistance that the non profit status allowed, the 2009 Christmas toy drive was the best ever.
Team member Symbiote made arrangements with a Presbyterian church, and an 8 x 12 storage shed was soon packed wall-to-wall with gifts. Approximately 2000 toys were given away, thanks to help from the church, combined donations from ‘Team Justice’ and other generous contributors. Because of the new non profit status backing the event, each child was able to go through the line twice. In addition to toys, 600 diapers and many Master Legend goodie bags were given.
Master Legend has even found other ways to help others, in addition to charity. In 2005, Master Legend and Team Justice member Disabler were given a prestigious Heroes Award from the Orange County Sherriff’s Office. After Hurricane Charlie, the two heroes teamed up to free people that were trapped in their homes. Using their chainsaws, Master Legend and Disabler also cleared trees from highways and other areas, enabling scores of blocked cars to pass.
Being a part of Team Justice is an honor for Symbiote, who is excited for many productive missions with the group. He even created the website for Team Justice.
‘Master Legend and Superhero both exhibit qualities that I wish most Americans could show’, Symbiote says. ‘Master Legend is one of the most dedicated men I know to the cause. He would give you board in his own house if it meant helping you. And Superhero is one of the most charismatic people. His attitude is a super power’, he adds.
‘This is just the beginning’, says Superhero, referring to the non profit. ‘Now we’re running on all eight cylinders’.
Indeed. Thanks to Sunscreen Film Festival and C B & C Television, ‘Team Justice’ is working on achieving a $30,000 grant from the American Cancer Society. In return, Master Legend, Superhero and other members of the group will be filming commercials for health and cancer awareness for Univison. These Latin television spots will start filming January 2010 and air through the year. In addition, ‘Team Justice’ is planning a water and sock drive by April 2010, assorted anti-mugging patrols, and a meet-up in Orlando with Enviro-Hero.
‘I can’t believe how well everything has fallen into place, I’m very excited’, Superhero says. ‘We hit the ground running and we’ve been flying ever since.’
In addition to the plans and patrols, ‘Team Justice’ is working to acquire a warehouse and a business office in Orlando, in order to establish headquarters and handle even bigger projects.
‘It’s a dream of mine come true’, says Master Legend. ‘This is not a hobby for me, this is my life’, he adds.
‘Team Justice’ shows no sign of slowing, and they are leading by example in the Real Life Superhero Community. Displaying the results of hard work and persistence will be encouraging to other groups in the subculture that wish to achieve the same. The establishment of ‘Team Justice’ as a non profit is proof positive that any determined group of individuals can make a difference for their community, even if they are wearing helmets and tights. This development enables folks with big hearts to not only donate, but distribute and make an indelible mark on children and citizens everywhere.
Does Master Legend have any advice for aspiring non profits or heroes?
‘You need to stick to your mission. Don’t forget your purpose’, he answers quickly and matter-of-fact.
‘When you’re handing out goods, don’t look inside the box, keep reaching’, he says.
‘It just keeps flowing’.
Contact Team Justice at 407-588-7583 or email [email protected]
Also visit their website at
Allison ‘Apocalypse Meow’ King is a costumed activist in Portland, Oregon.

GLHG Toy Drive 2009

Before you read the body of the text below, I am unable to post a link to our website that will allow you to click on the link and go there from this bulletin. You will need to copy and paste it into your browser if you would like to help us out. The link is:
I also want to let everyone know that again we will be adding to our efforts with our team members in Wisconsin and Florida to also make an impact there. In Wisconsin, the Watchman will be helping out the Gingerbread House
And in Florida we will hopefully be helping at the Pregnancy Care Center in Zephyr Hills.
Now we have had some wonderful donations from a couple of our good friends, but we need more. We want these kids at these locations to have a wonderful holiday! And sometimes the only way we can do this is by helping out with even $1. I tell you if every one of our respective friends donated just $1 we would have an awesome haul of toys to affect kids in all three states!
People Serving People in Minnesota.
The Gingerbread House in Wisconsin
The Pregnancy Care Center in Florida
These are all places where people who have been hit hard by the world go for help. The people that donate their time at these places do what they can and do a wonderful job, but they don’t have the resources to have collection boxes in every Wal*Mart or Target. They all rely on word of mouth, and right now that word of mouth is ours. I am still trying desperately to get at least one local store to allow us to put up a collection box expressly for the People Serving People part of the drive, but have had no response from the owner of the place. But I will keep trying. Its early, but I would like to work at this now, knowing that the closer we get to Christmas, the harder it is for anyone to help.
Thank you for your time in reading this, and remember, if you can donate $1 or if you can donate in the package toys, please contact Jack about donating the actual toys, he can accept them being sent to Hero Gear. You can contact him at [email protected] or at
Lets rock the world this year and show everyone that we can make one heck of an impact!
Great Lakes Heroes Guild


GLHG Toy Drive '09

Message from Razorhawk

This year we have been talking to a charity that we often help during the year, People Serving People. Now as many of you may know from talking to members of the team, PSP is a homeless shelter for families who have nowhere to live. They also help people getback on their feet so that they can provide for their own families.
This gives us a nice idea of which kids we need to target for gifts, which ones are usually not recieving as many gifts as the others. We know now that the youngest and oldest are usually being left out from getting gifts, so we will target those age ranges.
I have contacted a couple of local comicbook shops that don’t usually have drop off points for any toy drives to see if we could leave a box to collect there as well.
We want to make sure that this is a successful toy drive because I am unsure of the amount of toys they recieve. So we are going to need a bit of help. Please, if you can, follow the link below and donate. Every dollar we recieve between now and the holidays will go to buying gifts for these great kids!
Thank you!

More Information including Paypal link can be found at
Deadline for this is December 18, 2009

32nd annual Briggs and Al's Run; Walk for Children's Hospital Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009

Message from Razorhawk:
A friend of mine, whom some members of the GLHG know as well, asked me to participate in a great charity event for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. It is the Briggs and Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, or simply “Al’s Run”. I agreed instantly because I am well aware of the good that this hospital has done. However, several people involved know me and aren’t aware that I am The Watchman. Therefore, I will be participating in this one as my-civillian-self. I have gotten a few other folks who are involved in the RLSH community in some form on board as well. Despite doing this one sans masks, we are hoping that all of you will contribute what you can. Don’t be fooled by the name, the good done by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is not limited to one state. Many people come from all over the country for the care provided by this hospital.
Here is just is an example provided by the leader of the team I’ll be walking for:
_____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____
Hello Everyone-
For a little background story – our daughter Katie, who is now 3, was diagnosed in utero with hydrocephalus, a condition in which the cerebrospinal fluid does not flow correctly out of the brain, through the spinal cord, and then eventually is excreted from the body. Hydrocephalus blocks this flow from the brain, resulting in increased intracranial pressure, which can quickly lead to brain damage, coma, and if left untreated long enough, death. Hydrocephalus is a serious neurologic condition, and many people with it have life long effects with mental disabilities and motor skill impairment.
Katie was born at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin , and was a patient in the NICU there. She had a shunt put in at 2 days old which diverts the excess fluid from her brain, and drains it into her belly. She was discharged home from the hospital 2 days later, and has lived an absolutely normal and happy life, with none of the mental or physical handicaps that we were told she would almost certainly have.
Katie’s life was great until January of this year when she began experiences frequent, severe headaches. To make a long, long story a little shorter, it culminated in Katie have 6 surgeries to revise her shunt in just a 6 week period of time this year, from March 31 – May 20. Without her shunt and Children’s Hospital managing her care, Katie could be severely handicapped right now, or even worse. A person with hydrocephalus cannot survive this condition without a shunt and sometimes frequent medical care.
Children’s Hospital is obviously very important to us – they have saved or child’s life and have greatly increased her quality of life. Things could very easily be quite different for Katie. Chances are, if you live in Wisconsin or even Illinois , you probably know some child that was helped through Children’s. This is not just for us and our child, but this will benefits thousands of children throughout the country. Families even travel from throughout the United States and even other countries because the care at Children’s is so awesome.
Here is some info on the walk, and if you cannot attend please donate to our donation site, it doesn’t matter how little the donation is – anything will help. We have an ambitious goal of $1000 for our first year – please help us meet that goal for the kids!
Event Info:
Join us for the 32nd annual Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009.
START LINE: 12th Street and Wisconsin Avenue on the Marquette University campus
Wheelchair: 10:15 a.m.
Only self-propelled manual wheelchairs. Assemble in front of the start line.
Runner mass start: 10:30 a.m.
Elite runners line up at the front of the pack. All other runners, line up according to your estimated pace.
Walkers: Immediately follow runners
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
One part that she did not mention is that there was a balance amount of over $6,000 which her family’s health insurance didn’t cover for the multiple nuerosurgeries. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin wiped it clean so they owe nothing out of pocket. They do the same for many other famillies.
We at the GLHG have also set up a donation page so if you’d like to help out, and we hope you all will, go to:
She has a goal of raising $1,000 between members of her team, but she’s not counting on us. Let’s see if we can beat that.

Easter Seals Drop Zone event for 2009 September 15th

Message from Thanatos:
-I am a real life superhero here in Vancouver, dedicated to fighting crime and evil. I was inspired as a child myself by such great heroes as the Shadow, the Spirit, the Green Hornet, Doc Savage and others.
I wear a mask to hide my identity because who I am is not as important as what I do.
I fight evil by being a symbol to people everywhere to prove to all that ONE person can make a difference.
Helping Easter Seals help these kids with disabilites is my biggest challenge.
I am so proud to be a part of Easter Seal’s Drop Zone event. I have a special place in my heart for these kids. Fighting for them is one of the greatest challenges we can face.
Children with disabilities have always held a special place in my heart. I won’t go into the specifics, let’s just say I know from my experiences in the past.
These are great kids. Wonderful kids who deserve a chance to live and enjoy and just exsist like any other normal child. The fact that they have special needs and requirements to sometimes do even the simplest things we take for granted means we have to do more.
The United Nations has set forth, the basic human rights of a child. That’s right. A child. It dosent say only the rich. It dosent say only those who have two legs and can run. It dosent say only those who need no care.
It says a child. Even a child who needs help, who needs care. Who needs special devices just to live and move around.
These are the ones who need our help.
These are the ones we can reach out and help. Right now.
I am asking for you to back me in this. What ever your reasons. I would go farther than 20 storeys for these kids.
If I can do this to draw attention to what Easter Seals is doing, then you can be a superhero as well by donating and helping make a difference.
That is what it is all about. Helping to make a difference in the lives of these children.
Thank you on behalf of some very special kids.
I am asking everyone to please, help Easter Seals fight evil in a big way and help these kids. Last year I raised $760 to help these special kids out. I didnt get to do the rappel down the 30 story building but that’s OK. The rappel is just a perk and a good way to show the world that we, real life superheroes really do care. I am proud that I raised money to help them out and this year I am doing the same thing.
my goal is $1500 in order to rappel but I want to raise as much as I can for Easter Seals. it dosent matter if I make the goal or not. every little bit helps.
All I am asking is that everyone who reads this, everyone who goes out and tries to make this world a better place just donate $5. with all the members of these boards I should be able to go far beyond the goal and really help make a difference. You can make that difference.
go to my profile at
and give what you can. show the world we really are what we say we are.
Easter Seals does so much that I thought it best if youread their own words on what they do.

GLHG fundraiser to fight Child Abuse- September 12, 2009

On Sept 12th Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota, is sponsoring a walk at Midway Stadium, home of the St. Paul Saints
minor league baseball team, owned by Bill Murray!
Anyways, so far over all people have raise only $545 and we want to help raise even more. So please follow the link
below and offer whatever you can before Sept 12th! Let’s show these kids that we can work at preventing this
Please pass this on to family and friends, this may be a local event, but if we can help to fight this here, we can
begin to fight it everywhere! No kid deserves to be abused!