Fat Momma!

If anyone has noticed (and I doubt they did) but Fat Momma has skyrocketed to the top of my Friends list.  I did this today as I thought of all the people on last year’s reality show “Who Wants To Be a Superhero,” Fat Momma had the most inspired message.
Not all of us can be top athletes, genius thinkers or the best at everything.  Her message surrounding this dilemma was “be happy with yourself”.  There are many “real life superheroes” and “celebrity super heroes” that are making a difference.  Very few, in recent years, have had the inspirational opportunities that Fat Momma has, and done so much with it!  I want to publicly thank her for her inspired message and courage for being a very non-typical inspiration in a very judgmental world.
If you wanted to check out more of Fat Momma, head over to her website at www.fatmomma.tv.  Thanks, Fat Momma!

Course Corrections

There are many avenues and ways to contribute to The Age of Superheroes.  Recently, fate took a moment to remind me of my original path.  I had been a contributor to an amazing watering hole for the Real Life Super Hero community, called The Hero Coalition.  While I found my time their invaluable, I have recently refocused on projects more in line with my personal mission goals.  I would encourage everyone to take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I fulfilling my mission in life in the best possible way?”  Whether that is through patrolling your cities, helping the helpless or proving your civic pride in other ways, I know we all need reminders to stay on task and I would be amiss if I did not take my current course correction as an opportunity to help you remember.  Are you doing what you set out to do?  Are you proceeding as you hoped to proceed?
Serious questions and only you know your answers.  Good luck in your individual journeys.  Stay safe and watch out for each other.
Be sure to check out Prime.Vox.Com for more information about real life superheroes!

Progress …

While I continue to patrol, hopefully inspire, and help organize the hero movement, I think it’s important to share updates on how my rig is progressing.  Every little thing seems to take so much focus; from the Citizen Prime logo to the under armour to the actual armor.  I think I have my logo exactly as I want it and I have to thank one of my fellow superheroes, Kampfhund, for his invaluable partnership in co-creating this iconic image with me.  I posted this image of my symbol on the Under Armour that I will wear as part of my rig.  I have my boots and greaves taken care of.  I went with a athletic boot and greaves model, instead of just boots to afford me a maximum ability when out on the street. The chest, back, thigh, and shoulder armor is all being simultaneously constructed as is the leather/steel helmet and protective gauntlet/gloves.  I am choosing to add a cape, however, I am designing it in such a way as to keep it out of my way, when necessary, and allow me to use it for concealment or additional protection when required, as well.  My utility belt, while I have been playing it loose and fast up till now, will undergo a legal review to see what is legal to carry in my state and city of Phoenix, Arizona.  Without being too specific, I currently carry one set of handcuffs, a “bunch” of a Ziploc ties for various purposes, cell phone, passport (better than a driver’s license, in case I get overpowered and bad guys take it – no address and if I report it lost its basically useless for travel), cell phone, an ARMA 100, stun gun, pepper spray, video camera, lighting, and 20 bucks.  I also carry my license in my car as well as many other things but those are the mainstays on my “utility belt”
In my new image I maintained the January 5 deadline for the launch of Citizen Prime.  I still think that’s a realistic goal.  Until then, I’ll continue to patrol, inspire people where and how I can through medium and continue to play whatever part I can in organizing the community, and providing resources for other heroes, if I am able.
So, to those who have gone before me and to those who will follow after, I say this.  Heroes and superheroes are real and they patrol the streets of our fair cities.  They come in all shapes, sizes and demeanors but the one thing they have in common, is the need to help.  I salute those who are currently out there.  And I ask those who have not yet made “the leap” to consider all the options available to you as a private citizen to help take back the streets of your city, your neighborhood, your world.  Join hands with your family, your friends, your community and if everyone who considers this only takes back their street or their block from the bad element, what a safer and more joyful world it would be for the kids on that street and for the people on that block to live in.
Superheroes exist.  The dawn of a new age is upon us.  Be prepared to be amazed.

Non "MySpace" Communications

Tothian and many other RLS are stepping up to try and help with more sophisticated communication tools and I think this is great.  I have some expereince with this and see this as a growing interest in the community.  Be that as it is, I’d like everyone interested in this to ask themselves two things.  One, who in the rls community has experience running boards or websites like this?  And two, if we are suffering from lack of experience in this, would we want some seasoned guidance?
If ‘no one’ and ‘yes’ are the overall answers to the questions above, please take the initiative and contact me.  I can and will help get something ‘real’ going.  Blitz, Tothian and others are are scrambling to make a difference here and I have some unique experience that can contribute.
Its important to say, I’m not trying to create another brand of something others have been working on.  If I could caution everyone on one thing and one thing only, it would be running off in different directions.  The last thing we need is everyone proposing something new.  I’m trying to help unify the many people who see a need.  Hopefully, a combined effort will lead us to a quality platform and a connected community.
Why even create a tool?  Don’t we have MySpace and Frappr?  First, I feel its important to create a virtual Hall of Superheroes where we control access.  I want someone (or a council of someones) to have some control over who gets to read what.  Forums are great for this as are rl chat systems like TeamSpeak.  I believe this would lead to better communication and better trust over allowing us to put things out there and ask for help without feeling like we are being watched or monitored.  If this was not already obvious, I’m sure there are least a few law enforcement folks watching the super hero movement on MySpace.
Like Tothian, I’m not so much concerned about leading this effort as much as contributing.  I can offer my significant experience in this and hopefully that can make a difference.  My experience?  I led one of the top City of Heroes portals for over a year (forums, roster, news, live chat, all that junk) and, as my secret identity, I have created and managed a business website that maintains a forum (for three years) as well as host and present at conferences (7 years).
So if you would like, coordinate through me, or if there is a solid movement, I’ll give input if invited.  I’ll gladly do whatever I can to get something ‘quality’ up and and running if this is something people want to see.
I realize not everyone in our community is a team player (and thats just fine).  We do need to unite on this, however, and get behind a process that has us coming together – not leading off in different directions.

Orange County Postal Stalker Update

Update on the Orange County Postal Stalker.
I’m closing the case from my side. They have my suggestions and are taking back up the fight. Apperantly they had just given up and were fine with receiving stalker mail for the rest of their lives. But they were encouraged to start anew. Here is a portion of the email she sent back. To understand it more thoroughly, I was dealing through a friend of the victim.
To: Paragon Prime
Thank you for your help. I relayed your information to my friend who realized that she was settling for complacency because it has been so long. She is intending to use the letter you sent once she is more certain of who is targeting her. Her and her husband are more active now into taking it to higher sources to get this resolved.
So, thank you very much for your help. The insight has helped her refocus on stopping this person rather than accepting this to be her life now.
Much gratitude,
Orange County Postal Stalker: Case closed.

The beginning …

Definition: Epiphany: a sudden, intuitive perception or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple occurrence or experience.
My Epiphany
I have been having multiple conversations about Prime and the creation of so many real life events and experiences. While Prime.Vox.com will be dedicated to the fictional goings on of Prime and The Night Watch, I’m making an announcement. A departure from what was and announcing what will be.
I am crossing the threshold. The real Paragon Prime is about to be born. This blog will cronicle my journey.
I hope this doesnt get confusing. I mean, many things I talk about with Prime.Vox.com are my experiences and Prime fiction is based on many of my real life events.
So lets be very clear from the get go: Anything in MySpace is real. Anything in Prime.Vox.com is a hazy meld of real life and fictional. There. Now that Ive said that, Im sure Ill have to repeat it a billion times.
So this particular blog is simply an announcement and intent to bring Prime from the dregs of my long term vision through the looking glass. I think there will be a lot of prep here so I dont expect to hit the streets tomorrow.
As far as leading up to this, I’m sure that’s why I was drawn here. I’ve always been leading up to this, I think. I was accepted to be in the LAPD an age ago. I didn’t like how they treated people, inluding their own and never accepted the commision. I was in Army Intelligence and that played a part in making me who I am today. I have discussed joining the Guardian Angels … the only reason I have not is distance from the nearest chapter (about 100 miles). My three dogs and me play the neighborhood watch. When someone breaks down, I stop and help. I see trouble, I pull over and see what I can do or I call the cops if outgunned or outmanned (hey, Im not mental!). Finally, I feel it coming together. The foundation has been build over the years. Now, its time to build the house of Paragon Prime.
Initially, there really isnt a lot of difference from what I do today, except I’ll be able to do more as I’ll be outfitted and loaded for bear. And being one of the primary models of excellence in the hero biz is what I will work to achieve, hence Paragon Prime will be my name as, really, it has been for a long time.
Hopefully, reading both the real Prime and the fictional Prime will bring you a fuller picture of where I see this whole nationwide hero awakening going. To be honest, I saw myself becoming a part of it from the get go. While everyone is finding their way in all this, I’ve been playing this pretty close to the vest. I feel I can now open up a little and share my real plans as well as the fictional vision. I dont see any harm and, frankly, I see a lot of good as we all share and make each other better, stronger and respected in a world that will have to get used to Professional Heroes.
Prime, Out …

Birth of a Blog

Location: The Blog Scrap Yard
Time: The Dawn of Today
The wreckage of the Blog Scrap Yard was silhouetted like a hair-tangled, mish-mash against the vapor of an orange horizon. New daybreak heated the misshapen pyramids of discarded blog-scrap, simmering the sunrise in silent anticipation.
A movement. A tumbling of conjunctions skidded down a piled high blog-heap. Then a low, steady rumble. Seagulls bolted, echoing iron shreeched warnings in the morning expanse. The ground shook. And shook again. Then silence. For a heartbeat.
BOOM! An explosion of noun, verb, and adjective shrapnel flew like hot metal across the abandoned Blog Yard. The largest mountain of tousled prose bubbled up, spitting out volcanic verse, sending whole sentences tumbling down the mile high blog-rock face.
Then the tip of something, just visible through the wreckage, reflected with borrowed light from the ascending, curious sun. A liquid, mirrored blog-thing rose and formed and flew from the scraps, humming with power, to streak like a bullet high above the yard. It shot into the morning sky, blazing with light and sound. It bellowed like a cosmic foghorn in the expansive firmament.
Neighbors scurried out of their houses in robes and t-shirts, squinting up at the clarion colossus, the thunderous broadcast now emblazoned on its vast obelisk form.
And everywhere, around the blogsphere, the name echoed like a new promise.
Under the unimaginable pressure of countless, forgotten blog tonnage, a new blog was formed, with a promise to be different. With a promise to change everything.