Crimefighting For Purpose Or Profit?

One phase of my stealth ” real life superhero ( RLSH ) ” activities before the Movement was keeping tabs on suspects and/or declared fugitives. Information gathered was forwarded to the appropriate agency. As a dutiful bounty hunter earning rewards drove this alongside civic duty. I’m not opposed to catching criminals for pay; law enforcement does it every day. Opponents of bounty hunting should be able to magically make policing pro bono and watch officers surge to resign!
RLSH normally don’t fight crime for profit. Many feel it’s anathema to the Movement’s overall altruism. Others reply any monies accepted should be used to fund homeless outreach or equipment needs. Real life superheroes, overtly or covertly, have access to information police would find interesting. As a RLSH whose background includes bounty hunting and security consulting I’ve made a living from what we usually do for free. Reconciling the two is easy, because I genuinely enjoy contributing to public safety. The bulk of my efforts, stealth and openly RLSH, is freely given.
Deciding whether crime fighting should become a revenue stream is a personal choice. I fight crime for a purpose: to help people help themselves become safer and alternately, persuading criminals to become their higher selves. Self-development is an even more effective crime fighting strategy than patrolling and even RLSH-inspired community coalitions ( RICCs ). The worst crime in my ” Crime ISN’T A Civil Right! ” conversations and presentation is working against being your better self. That’s what drives my activities past, present and future.
Money’s nice, but the above reasons are reward enough for me and real life superheroes generally. We fight crime for a higher purpose not merely for profit!
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The Value of Inspiration-Only RLSH

There are at least two broad categories of real life superhero ( RLSH ) members: those who are exclusively inspiration-only outreach ( food give aways; school visits; comic book convention attendance, etc. ) and others who are actively intervention-only, i.e. patrolling the streets; monitoring suspects, confronting assailants etc. Tension has arisen between each faction and is regrettable. Whether one is providing inspiration or intervention, both acts help significantly change lives encountered.
The difference goes deeper than mere preference. Some RLSH feel it’s inappropriate to seek crimes in progress. They adamantly refuse to confront criminal suspects. Their logic is it can create more problems than the immediate one attempting to be solved. Creatively promoting good citizenship and particularly inspiring young people is their top priority. Anything outside those parameters is usually considered not their role. Hopefully all RLSH can agree that interspiration-only; intervention-only or doing both is up to the individual involved. There isn’t a pecking order where some RLSH are more ” real ” in their real life super heroism than others. Individuality is a Movement strength and allows creative public service limited only by the imagination. It would be tragic if this best practice changed.
Inspiration-only RLSH are good will ambassadors who interact with the needy; parents and children. They motivate society’s most vulnerable by providing memorable moments during hard times. They boost morale for terminally ill children and families who desperately need a dose of wonder. Promoting joy and lifting people’s spirits is an invaluable public service. Inspiration drives folks to escape the ordinary. Inspiration compels people to leave the sidelines and leap into inspirational action.
What’s the value of inspiration-only real life superheroes? It’s measured by every child’s smile; weighed by weary parent’s relief that costumed strangers care about his struggle and counted by each mind influenced to do some good because of their inspiring example.
The value of inspiration-only RLSH is infinite because they positively touch so many lives. They’re not better than those who practice intervention. They just deserve much needed just due.
-NOTE: Inspiration-only real life superhero groups include:
The Skiffytown League of Heroes:
The Floridian League of Adventurers and Superheroes:
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Staying Motivated As A RLSH

Staying Motivated As A RLSH
By: Nadra Enzi aka Capt. Black
“You can’t save the world! ” Heard this before? How about thinking it on your own? Concerned citizenship risks emotional wear and tear. Especially our brand. Problems outnumber problem solvers so fatigue often sets in. Especially when feeling alone in your concerns. Most folks hunker down trying to change nothing more than their socks in the morning. World change is out of reach. Crusading isn’t popular like apathy. Apathy is easier and neatly fits  busy schedules.
RLSH retirement levels may match dropout rates in neighborhood watch; citizens patrol and related groups. Life intrudes upon motivation variously: income problems; relationship issues; health challenges, etc. Time outs recharge initiative. Constant performance without rest undermines even peak performers. Beginning this lifestyle is addictive. Constant RLSH activity assures more of the same. Expressing your best self is intoxicating. Without balance, inevitable exhaustion happens. Toss in balancing double lives for those with secret identities and motivation suffers. Burn out is an occupational hazard, especially considering how few try changing conditions.
Motivation for extraordinary lifestyles is highly individualized. One size fits all solutions miss particular personalities. Find out what keeps you and you alone upbeat. List de-motivators to avoid like the plague. Associate with like minded people. Have an active spiritual or ethical practice to stay tuned in to higher consciousness.
Most importantly, recognize you can’t change the world. No matter how many suspects are caught or meals given, crime and hunger continue. Expanding your sphere of influence gradually changes the world around you. As it grows, so does your impact. Being overly ambitious is draining. Or worse, creates bitterness. Better to return to this lifestyle after recharging.  Nervous breakdowns accomplish nothing.
Take time out for yourself; strategically leave the lifestyle to recharge; associate with the like minded; these and other tips keep RLSH and other concerned citizens focused. I learned these tricks as a full time writer/speaker/activist. Even Dr. King took vacations. Corporate C.E.O.s have retreats. We should do no less.
It isn’t quitting. It’s not weakness. Knowing when to cut back is strength. Understanding how to stay motivated helps you to motivate others.
The views and comments of Captain Black do not reflect on the views of the RLSH community.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development. and

The Real Superhero Movement As Civic Duty Reloaded

The Real Superhero Movement As Civic Duty Reloaded.
By: Nadra Enzi aka Capt. Black
Civic duty is old as the family unit. Individual responsibility to the group is its focus. Modern America fleshed this out further by instituting neighborhood watch and citizens patrol functions as adjuncts to law enforcement. This support capacity was taken a step further in the form of creative concerned citizens who used comic book motifs to create new crime prevention and emergency need fulfillment roles. Dubbed “ real life superheroes “ ( RLSHs ) by the media this new breed of patrolling citizen is carving a place at the table marked civic duty. To date, concerns about vigilantism haven’t borne incidents of note. Most operate well within the law and are knowledgeable about statutory powers possessed by anyone, costumed or not.
This redefinition of civic duty comes as a supplement of established order instead of a challenge.
Reloading civic duty like this does challenge preconceptions about citizens role in stopping suspected criminal activities. Videotaped encounters at a public park between New York area RLSH and alleged drug dealers alarmed local law enforcement. Their concern was the costumed citizens in question confronted offenders with lengthy records known to carry weapons. These interventions demonstrate the seriousness with which some real life superheroes exercise civic duty. Similar undocumented accounts report citizens arrests made and information provided leading police to purported violators. Beyond dressing up for cameras, this movement has real tactical impact on combating crime without becoming criminals.
The second front operated by RLSHs is humanitarian assistance. While not universally practiced, it has become a movement hallmark to aid the homeless. Colorful personages give food and blankets to the homeless while making rounds. Various costumed activists are known for this even more than fighting crime. Some argue combating homelessness combats root causes of crime. An overriding concern for society’s ignored drives this more than providing creative crime prevention. Patrolling the streets increases awareness of homelessness and the relative lack of mobilization against it. Alongside hospital and school visits, the movement tackles difficult social issues beyond traditional crime prevention.
Reloading civic duty like this opens doors for participation old as the English “hue and cry “system where whistle blowing watchers alerted communities to trouble. It’s new as the latest name of the newest person to don an identity. While reasons for a more engaged public mount, reloading civic duty in such an attention-getting fashion helps motivate folks numbed by bad headlines and an even worse economy.
Real life superheroes breathe new life into time honored notions like civic duty and reload them for a nation desperately needing a more involved citizenry.
The views and comments of Captain Black do not reflect on the views of the RLSH community.
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