Private Security: A Dangerous & Necessary Service

11/22/2012  Murder of Critical Intervention Services Officer Michael Valentin

My brothers at Critical Intervention Services ( ) lost an officer Thanksgiving Eve.

CIS officer Michael Valentin died patrolling a Tampa community his company specializes in serving. As an anti-crime activist and security professional, this is beyond tragic on many levels.
A teen  with an extensive record has been arrested for this crime and two armed robberies.
Please consider:
A father and husband fell serving America in a profession many may not consider dangerous and necessary. Private Officer International ( POI), of which I’m a proud member, documented these sobering 2011 statistics:
*Over 37,000 reported assaults against contract and proprietary officers; loss prevention agents and private police officers.
*These assaults resulted in 13, 700 injuries,
* 114 reported deaths while on duty, broken down by POI, is as follows:

54 Gunshots
11 Stabbing
19 Trauma/Assault
10 Car Accidents
6 Industrial Accidents
14 Unclassified

The average age of the security officer killed in the line of duty was 38.

The states with the most incidents of security officer injuries, assaults and deaths included New York, California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, Indiana, and Nevada.  
High risk communities like those CIS serves also base my activism. My urging urban males to ” Make Peace With America”,  resembles CIS innovative Community and Character Protection Initiative ( CCBPI ).
Officers like Michael Valentin are applied theorists serving communities whose infrastructures shudder under rampant social disorder. These men and women partner with residents and other stakeholders to reclaim these areas as prequel to restoring them.
Losing such a compassionate and competent person is incalcuable. Valentine was a force multiplier equivalent to several professionals from other disciplines. 
It’s particularly painful to read that conflict deescalation was one of his specialties. Zip codes like mine are short on viable referees, making this loss even more tragic.
America; his family; CIS and urban stakeholders lost a rare ally in these trying times. 
The upside is Critical intervention Services attracts those like Officer Valentine, who privately do the work of many during their shifts.
I celebrate the life and service of CIS officer Michael Valentin and ask patriots to share their condolences with the great institution which employed him. 
Private security is a dangerous and necessary public service. We should consider that next time we see a private officer on duty.
RIP Officer Valentin. Thank you for your service to our country.… Private Officer International 2011 Private Security Officer Deaths link.
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