( NEW ORLEANS Federal Court House ):
FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a police supporter NOT a cop hater who loves making them look bad! In New Orleans they’re able to do that without outside help too often.
The Court Security Officers ( CSOs ) are mostly White retired police officers on contract through a private security company to the US Marshals Service, who deputizes them as Special Deputy US Marshals to man the entrance check point and secure court rooms as a supplement to deputy marshals.
I’m cool with the  concept. Gives ex-cops a chance to do what they love in defense of the federal bench. Thumbs up for the concept! 
What I DON’T like is the consistently rude treatment I and other Black citizens recieve upon entry to the federal courthouse, funded by our tax dollars as well as those of sisters and brothers of all colors. Also, the deputy US Marshals haven’t mistreated me or others- only this group!
Today ( 8/20/12 ) was no exception. 
Curt snapped instructions were issued to myself and my companion, a high school teacher/education advocate and we commented upon how we were made to feel like convicts being processed. I’ve gone through before for wearing my Muslim head garb- only worse!!!
These men make it plain they don’t like Black people and treat large groups of us like gang members being detained ne masse!
Inside the court room while parties made presentations CSOs spared no opportunity to confront Black onlookers for such “capital” offenses as briefly turning around to whisper or even having an elbow on the back of the bench???
Each time they walked by me contempt was written on their wrinkled faces. Going there always reminds me of hateful Savannah police officers I encountered decades ago as I walked while Black.
The icing on the cake was when a fire alarm sounded during the US Justice Department presentation. 
After confirmation the court house was evacuated. 
Everyone gathered in the court yard in plain view of court security. When the all clear was given another ” Mississippi Burning ” moment happened: Black onlookers were subjected to the FULL search process while Whites walked back in without being stopped???
I refused to go through with this blatant racial profiling and left.
Is THIS what we pay our taxes for, classic 60s style Dem Crow discrimination in this Democrat controlled city within a facility policed by a Democrat controlled Justice Department?           
More over, how much ” justice ” can Black New Orleanians expect from this Administration’s feds if we can’t even be treated equally at the federal court house entrance???
I support good cops- NOT bad policy.
This is the  WORST policy I’ve seen and coming from Georgia that’s saying ALOT!!!
Nadra Enzi

NADRA ENZI AKA CAP BLACK, BLACK LIFE SUPERHERO FOR EVERYBODY! promotes creative crime prevention. (504) 214-3082 and [email protected]…