Supermobiles…Classic Coke is still better, and here's why.

Supermobiles…Classic Coke is better & here’s why.
I don’t usually go for “training Manuals” so to speak. I feel that everyone’s experience & talents are different & what applies to one RLSH doesn’t apply to another ones situation. But that being said I feel Supermobiles are a topic I’m qualified to speak on. THE Supermobile has been in the game for quite some time and is considered by many to be a Flagship of sorts for the RLSH community. She was a brief & fun focal point of the HBO Documentary “Superheroes” and is requested for appearances & events.
One thing about older cars is they have “quirks” or odd problems that you don’t get with a 2010 Nissan Sentra…like a 37 year old fuel line finally giving up the Ghost on you…and the car being in the shop for a month having the mufflers cut & the Tank dropped so the line can be reached.

This prolonged down time is what inspired me to actually consider “Updating” the Supermobile with a much newer model. I started looking at 2006 & 2007 Corvettes in parking lots with Ladyhero, and then finally started shopping for them online. Like This one

One gorgeous car and it’s a 2007 going for about $26,000, here is where I discovered that a Classic one…even with the unusual quirks & maintenance demands is still better.
Initial Price: The Supermobile cost initially a little less then HALF of what the 2007 does, saving me a tremendous sum of money to tweak the car with. The other half of the money I’d have spent on the new one is what put the 383 into the Supermobile.
Car Payment: Even if you put half down on the new one, after financing you’re looking at a $230 or $250 Dollar a month Car payment for five years. You could by a classic one outright…avoid the payment all together…and that brings us to the BIGGEST killer of a new Supermobile VS a Classic…
INSURANCE: Unless you can afford to buy the New Corvette outright, you are going to have to have full coverage on it until it’s paid off. Insurance of any kind on a new car that has a 6.0 400 HP Engine in it is not cheap. The Classic Supermobile has even MORE Horsepower…but since it’s a classic (Over 25 years old) I can have classic insurance on it…I pay just over $200 dollars a year for awesome coverage with Roadside, agreed value, windshield etc. on the Supermobile because she’s considered a classic.
So when you weigh it all it seems to me that your best bang for the buck is still a classic Supermobile as opposed to a new one. Sure, you’ll put up with the occasional pain in the rear from a older car, but even if you drop $3000 a year into repairs it still beats the payment on the new one. This will apply to any classic car as well not just Corvettes so when it’s time to slide down your bat poles & into the cave you keep your Super car,  I say make it  Classic Coke…it’s better anyway.