Proposed Standards for the RLSH Community

Okay, let’s break this down into each separate component. Some people honestly act like there is some sort of hidden clause or tricky “small print” that they have to watch out for before agreeing to these standards.
“LET IT BE KNOWN That we, the undersigned, do hereby agree and affirm:”
… If you believe in the standards, shouldn’t standing up for and endorsing them be something to be proud of?
That Everyone has the Right to feel Safe in their own homes, and in their home communities.”
… Anyone object to this statement?
“That it is the responsibility of Concerned Citizens to help Create and Maintain Safety, and Reduce Suffering, within their home communities.”
… That is why we do what we do is it not? Because we understand that our communities need the help of everyday citizens and volunteers?
“That Concerned Citizens can Respond in a Lawful Manner to Safely, and Effectively, Reduce Violence and Criminal Activity within their communities.”
… Does anyone feel the need to break the law to make a difference? Does agreeing to obey the law make you nervous for some reason?
“That Everyone has the Right to Dignity, Respect, Fair Treatment, Safety, and Choice.”
… Any problems with this? Does anyone have a good reason everyone isn’t worthy of respect and being treated decently?
“ARTICLE ONE: ORGANIZATION – Signatories have the Right to Lawfully organize and structure themselves however they wish, free from outside interference. No rule, nor restriction, shall be made to infringe upon this Right.”
… Does anyone feel that someone else has the right to tell them how to organize their own group, or tell them what to do (as long as they aren’t breaking the law)?
“ARTICLE TWO: JURISDICTION – Signatories shall be free to operate without restriction within their home territories, provided they stay within the boundaries of the established Laws and Regulations of said territory.”
… If you’re not doing anything illegal, and aware of the local laws under which you can legally operate, is there a problem?
“ARTICLE THREE: FUNDING – Signatories shall have no responsibility for the expenses of any individual, or group, other than themselves.”
… Should any other RLSH, or group, be responsible for your expenses? If someone donates equipment to you, that’s fine, but should anyone expect other RLSH to give them free stuff and money? Hell No.
ARTICLE FOUR: MEDIATION – Signatories shall have the Right to seek Fair Mediation in matters involving possible disputes between Signatory individuals, or groups.”
… If someone makes an accusation, someone else needs to act as a mediary to clear up the matter, otherwise we end up with more drama and bullshit backbiting. There are always trustworthy volunteers, so agreeing to this doesn’t mean you agree to “jury duty”.
“ARTICLE FIVE: LEGALITY – Signatories affirm that they are private citizens, not Law Enforcement Officers, nor do they possess any special arrest powers, and shall abide by the Laws, Rules, and Regulations of their individual home communities.”
… If someone has actual arrest powers they’re already bound by specific laws and policies. This statement is for everyone else that says they understand they’re nothing more than citizens, plain and simple.