This is what good Black men must Symbolically do to chocolate Klansmen
knock them off their perch- with the police beside us!

I admit it: I’m a consciously “Black” activist under the “real life superhero ( RLSH )” name of Capt Black. Big surprise huh? LOL.

I’m not a Minister Farrakhan nor arch-conservative Jesse Lee Petersen type. My approach is inclusive while high lighting inequities on both sides of WEB Dubois color line. I’m an equal opportunity advocate for what’s right.
There’s a place for consciously Black “real life superhero” activism. Look at the body count pouring from Inner City America and tell me somebody shouldn’t step up and loudly announce that the once-White Klan has become chocolate in these zip codes?I can’t overlook chocolate Klansmen in order to specialize solely as an anti-police brutality activist.  While on record as opposing police brutality I’m also absolutely against public brutality chocolate Klansmen inflict far, far more often.They stand head and shoulders above external threats to Inner City America. My generation will be judged on whether we allowed this fifth column with baggy pants and worse attitudes to dictate our reality.
That’s my big project- wrestling chocolate Klansmen off their unearned, lofty pedestal and culturally body slam them into the ash bin of history.
It runs parallel with regular RLSH duties of giving out food; small monetary gifts and offering inspiration on a take it or leave it basis. What can I say, I’m a professional do gooder- and proud of it.
Comic books and pulp novels are a life long inspiration. When Crack hit my neighborhood in the 1980s it was my ” Crime Alley ” moment to borrow from Batman’s epic origin. Early in my activism I would ask, ” If urban crime can make a fictional White man ( Bruce Wayne ) dress up like a bat to fight it- why isn’t the Hood overflowing with Batmen? ”
Capt Black is my answer to that question in a “post racial ” America.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention and homeless outreach. (504) 214-3082NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK