Saving the world on a sneaker string budget is what activists of all sorts and average Joes and Janes do daily without fanfare or, cynics accuse, impact.  My short hand phrase for such modest philanthropy is ” micro-good. “

While not as well financed as the United Nations or the USDA, micro-gooders nonetheless possess certain advantages.

There is no exacting, time consuming grant review process one endures until “yeah” or “nay” is heard. Micro-gooders decide with the aid recipient(s) before them and thus by pass bureaucratic inertia.Micro-good has the distinct advantage of operating beyond the clutches of big government and what I call ” big Givers ” i.e. well known charities whose paperwork pyramids delay service delivery to those in need.
I prefer micro-good because of its availability.
I regularly give food; small amounts of money and other iteams without awaiting permission from some distant home office. Other superhero themed activists alongside conventional micro-gooders offer on site help while big givers are inside far away service centers.
One model isn’t better than the other but the case for micro-good ( especially in this grinding Recession ) needs to be made. Big government and big givers don’t often visit doorways; libraries; abandoned buildings; alleys and confrontations to assist people.
The war against hunger and homelessness extends beyond budget debates; soup kitchens and EBT cards. Along with such large components are micro-gooders acting as frontline troops against persistent problems big government and big business haven’t conquered either.
Conventional Left/Right bickering doesn’t serve Americans whom the safety net perhaps hasn’t caught.
Into this void, undeterred by its enormity are micro-gooders who help when the offices of big peers are often closed.
Folks don’t worry about not being big enough to eradicate hwat has plagued mankind for millenia.
Micro-good is what free people do within the scope of their imagination; limited resources and network.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention & homeless outreach. [email protected] is where dollar super power can be sent to help me help others.

CAPT BLACK: (504) 214-3082

Nadra Enzi