Black Bloc are masked marauders whose antics are theorized as being committed by either by government plants or violent anarchists- take your pick!
As an activist whose creative crime prevention includes securing protest marches and offering related advice I’m obviously against Black Bloc-style heavy handedness. Damaging people and property doesn’t change the status quo, it mobilizes it!
A mobilized status quo at warp speed often condemns not just Black Bloc hoods but also protestors who now find their non-violent brand hijacked. If reform, not ruin is their goal protesters must move against Black bloc and other violators at their events.
Calling the police and distancing the group from rogue actors is a quick way to build a paper trail showing organizers did not endorse such antics. As a slow economy and anxiety increases so does the possibility of violence.
Some protesters may balk at contacting police but when innocents are attacked and property damaged it’s time to act like adults and involve law enforcement. otherwise all your good intentions get lost in the media/government spin that now you’re labeled criminals!
Even calling the cops is too tame for you there’s always the approach Seattle’s masked crime fighter Phoenix Jones took toward rogues at a protest near federal buildings:
Either way protesters and concerned citizens have to resist Black Blocc and other protest vandals.
We’ve got to block Black Bloc and any violent types hijacking peaceful protests to attack people and property.
Catchy. Video: Black Bloc- Introduction

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