My creative activism has certain political overtones. As a ” Noir ” ( i.e real life superhero ( RLSH ) noir activist ) the super villains I oppose don’t wear flashy outfits and sometimes are ideologies as opposed to flesh and blood people.
The ” Far Wrong ” , my name for the Far Right, is a super villain ideology good people underestimate at our peril. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of conservatives, moderates and libertarians in the real life superhero ( RLSH ) community, alongside liberals who defy Far Wrong stereotypes about progressive apathy and paternalism.
Far Wrong plotting led to a costly Iraqi occupation whose only benefit seems to be for shareholders of various private military companies over there under contract. They routinely demonize Muslims ( I am one so I know this alllll too well ) despite the fact that the vast majority of Islamist victims and opponents are themselves Muslim.
Far Wrong media routinely brainwashes traditionalists to stigmatize Democrats; Gay Americans; civil rights leaders; unions; environmentalists and a host of other progressive constituencies. I’m not a liberal by today’s standards but I don’t denounce people who are????!!!!
Far Wrong doctrine is felt daily at airports where its brainchild, the Transportation ” Security ” Administration ( TSA ), treats fliers like inmates on lock down, where even late US Senator Edward Kennedy; former Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; anyone dark and/or ” Muslim ” looking; blue eyed babies and little old White grandmas are shaken down without probable cause being explained.
The Far Wrong saved its most insane output for President Obama. No low is deep enough when it comes to defaming him; the First Lady and even the First Family in the form of their two daughters. America needs a two-party system with decent, thoughtful debates on the important issues of the day- not attack propaganda that is racist and uncivilized.
This super villain is best combated not by targeted progressives alone but especially by open minded moderates, conservatives and libertarians who declare, ” Enough is enough! ” and wrest the Center Right from its tightening stranglehold.
RLSH embody what Far Wrong talking points pay lip service to: patriotism; civic duty; crime prevention; civil defense; homeland security; mutual aid; volunteerism and last but not least- individualism!
Creative activists attention-getting roles can be used to give voice to the outrage open minded moderates; conservatives and libertarians in sensitive positions in the GOP or professionally would love to say.
Can anyone imagine RLSH Prototype President Theodore Roosevelt keeping quiet today? Not hardly ( LOL ).  RLSH; X ALTS ( Extreme Altruists ) and other creative activists need to use their platform to challenge the Far Wrong while doing its worst to reclaim the White House in November.
Anyone who says our community is non-political has a valid point.
This isn’t a call for more petty partisan bickering.
It’s a call to action against the Far Wrong; a super villain ideology that has gutted our economy; exhausted our military; and strained relations at home and abroad to satisfy their egotism.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative crime prevention (504) 214-3082.

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