So I'm washing the Supermobile…

So I’m washing the Supermobile at one of those do it yourself car washes today. And this guy walks up admiring the car & tells me he just walked all the way across the causeway (12 miles) and about how he was trying to stop this woman from killing horseshoe crabs so she tried to run him over in her car and when he got back here CPD has taken all his stuff from the Drain pipe he was living in…Screw it…I took him to Hess & bought him a case of Bud & two packs of Smokes. In a case like that I think it’s OK to promote Sloth….He’d had enough.  Creepy thing was at the end we found out we have the same first name. He said he’d pay me back somehow But I just told him to pay it forward.
Live the Gimmick