1. Nadra Enzi

    A crimson tide of a different sort was avoided in downtown New Orleans this morning while Alabama’s upset was being celebrated: I persuaded a brother to give me the pistol he intended to use on someone with whom he was having a heated argument.
    Tempers flare in the Hood ( and within Hood mentalities ) and become ballistic- everybody knows that. Headlines and broadcasts of this attrition rate have become routine, and even expected.
    For outsiders this is a peek at what Black citizens, concerned and otherwise, disproportionately face- violence wildly exceeding provocation.
    Compounding this defused attempt was the potential shooter’s status as a felon and probationer. Repeated reciting of both facts eventually swayed him.
    Black men are obviously free to sit on the sidelines while this mindset enlists more boys and adults into a fifth column laying waste to more lives than overseas combat. Ironically many brothers devoid of the Hood mindset often take more pains avoiding it than folks across town who’re terrified long range via media.
    Gun control isn’t the answer. Self-control is what’s needed. Law abiding citizens can possess arsenals in their homes and businesses and never commit violent crime. Concealed carry licensees as a group are far less likely to illegally use firearms than other segments of society.
    This morning’s episode underscores why I beat the Black male/Black cop unity drum. This union can hack into societal software brainwashing boys and men into justifying not just murder but sometimes mass murder because of little more than hurt feelings.
    I plan to have our group, Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops, do aftercare with him. Our prison minister actually counseled this man while he was in Orleans Parish Prison and now seems an even better time to do so again.
    We can’t blame other people when we’re the ones overwhelmingly misusing the Second Amendment against each other.
    NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK has promoted Black male/Black cop unity his entire life. He’s also the founder of Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops and various police appreciation efforts.(504) 214-3082
    [email protected]