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Website Shutting Down

It saddens me to announce that Real Life Superheroes will be shutting down.
I have struggled to keep it running since taking it over a year and a half ago. At that time, I knew it would be difficult for me to handle the responsibilities alone due to my busy life, and lack of knowledge and experience in running websites. I was counting on being able to find help and assembling an admin staff to assist me. Sadly, that did not happen. Few people had any interest in helping, and those who did lacked the ability.
The site has had its share of difficulties in that time, not the least of which was a complete crash which would have been prevented by an able administrator. With those troubles came a loss in stability in the site itself and the people who have used it. With all of this in mind, the decision has been made to shut it down.
It will remain up through January in order to give users time to save their content.
Thank you,
The Watchman


I guess chicks don’t get it. If Batman was a chick, and Robin died, Batchick would say “Oh I want a new Robin, the old one made me happy” and that would be it. But Batman is a guy , and he got all Emo & dark when Robin (Jason Todd) died & it was years before he was ready for a new Robin again. I got to witness this first hand today…deep.

Defining Moments

This was an interview being conducted by a friend, Knighthawke.  He never finished the article, so it is reprinted here upon request.
It’s not the BIG moments that define the character and reputation of a person, but the every day moments.  We succeed, or fail, not on a grand scale but on the minute.  When asked what he thought made people see him as heroic, Silver Sentinel, said that it wasn’t the number of arrests he’s assisted in, or the charity work he’s done, but the personal interactions he has with the public.  Notorious for not speaking to the press, and reluctant to report most of what he is involved in to any but his closest companions, the majority of what people know about him comes almost exclusively from what he writes on message boards and social media sites.

Unarmed schools invite armed fools

“Unarmed schools invite armed fools!” -Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

December 14th, 2012 is a date sure to life in infamy.  Twenty elementary school children were killed by a suspect not much more than a child himself.

Twenty six people were murdered today at an elementary school. Its magnitude was such that I first thought the report was about an overseas tragedy.

Voices pro and con regarding gun control shriek, while a recession-weary populace numbly hugs its children, thanking God this didn’t happen to them.
There may be an organic solution to this appalling vulnerability,
After September 11th, select airline crew men were trained as ” Federal Flight Deck Officers “, authorized to carry firearms whose ammunition is designed not to de-pressurize aircraft.
They are the last line of defense in occasionally unfriendly skies. Should all else fail, they will defend the aircraft with lethal force if needed. 
After today, hardening America’s soft under belly of gun free school systems ( assailants exempted ) may require a radical thought for some: 
Arming select teachers and/or support staff.
Let it sink in before you react.
There are only so many school resource officers and private ones to go around. When budgets tighten, security is the first thing eliminated or severely cut.
Our ally Israel arms school support personnel ( including designated parents ) while on campus. Critics may say, ” but they have a terrorism problem ” as grounds for such action.
Active shooters facing unarmed students, faculty and staff is more than enough terrorism for average Americans.   
Chronically unsafe inner city neighborhoods could use this option since armed criminals and psychotics happen there more often.
Today’s tragedy in Connecticut reminds us that disarming the law abiding means attackers can press lethal advantages long before law enforcement arrives.
If airline crews are armed as an airborne last line of defense, why are school’s first line of defense, teachers, left too often with their bodies as the only protection when children are attacked?
Save the children: arm faculty. 
Make criminals and crazies think twice.
 Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, says,
” Unarmed schools invite armed fools!”
 Help Cap Black Help Others!
” Be your OWN Superhero!”


Maintaining your super is the lifelong challenge after finding it.
We’ll never know if Dr. King would have retired from advocacy had lived to senior citizenship.
Today’s creative activist juggles motivational; financial and results-oriented dilemmas that can mercilessly exstinguish ones super.
My approach is assessing where I’m at in terms of zeal and resources and operate within those parameters.
I’ve embedded the real life superhero ( RLSH )/extreme altruist ( X ALT ) persona into everyday life.
Most folks here call me ” Black “; short for my ” Capt. Black ” brand name. It gained some local noteriety when I became coordinator for Occupy NOLA’s Community Patrol shortly before our well-publicized eviction from Duncan Plaza across from New Orleans City Hall.
The resulting media exposure further introduced the RLSH/X ALT as participant in ongoing major news as opposed to the occasional special interest piece.
Maintaining my super means further embedding creative activism in our daily lives as a norm- not an exception.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes creative activism in crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy. (504) 214-3082


THIS is why…..

Well Boom goes the Dynamite…remember that nice NY Cop who handed out the $100 pairs of boots to the Homeless people last week? Well one of the Scumbags now wants Money for any profit made from the YouTube Videos etc. Oh and quick note, he no longer has the boots, He sold them for Drugs & Booze. And this is why I switched my Emphasis from Helping the Homeless to helping Kids, and Families in need. Now I’m sure I’ll get a slew of comments saying “Well you’re wrong Old super Hero because the Homeless Douche I help is actually the Arch Angel Gabriel in disguise & rainbows shoot out his butt etc.”
Spare me in advance….and help some people who deserve your help.

Private Security: A Dangerous & Necessary Service

11/22/2012  Murder of Critical Intervention Services Officer Michael Valentin

My brothers at Critical Intervention Services ( ) lost an officer Thanksgiving Eve.

CIS officer Michael Valentin died patrolling a Tampa community his company specializes in serving. As an anti-crime activist and security professional, this is beyond tragic on many levels.
A teen  with an extensive record has been arrested for this crime and two armed robberies.
Please consider:
A father and husband fell serving America in a profession many may not consider dangerous and necessary. Private Officer International ( POI), of which I’m a proud member, documented these sobering 2011 statistics:
*Over 37,000 reported assaults against contract and proprietary officers; loss prevention agents and private police officers.
*These assaults resulted in 13, 700 injuries,
* 114 reported deaths while on duty, broken down by POI, is as follows:

54 Gunshots
11 Stabbing
19 Trauma/Assault
10 Car Accidents
6 Industrial Accidents
14 Unclassified

The average age of the security officer killed in the line of duty was 38.

The states with the most incidents of security officer injuries, assaults and deaths included New York, California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, Indiana, and Nevada.  
High risk communities like those CIS serves also base my activism. My urging urban males to ” Make Peace With America”,  resembles CIS innovative Community and Character Protection Initiative ( CCBPI ).
Officers like Michael Valentin are applied theorists serving communities whose infrastructures shudder under rampant social disorder. These men and women partner with residents and other stakeholders to reclaim these areas as prequel to restoring them.
Losing such a compassionate and competent person is incalcuable. Valentine was a force multiplier equivalent to several professionals from other disciplines. 
It’s particularly painful to read that conflict deescalation was one of his specialties. Zip codes like mine are short on viable referees, making this loss even more tragic.
America; his family; CIS and urban stakeholders lost a rare ally in these trying times. 
The upside is Critical intervention Services attracts those like Officer Valentine, who privately do the work of many during their shifts.
I celebrate the life and service of CIS officer Michael Valentin and ask patriots to share their condolences with the great institution which employed him. 
Private security is a dangerous and necessary public service. We should consider that next time we see a private officer on duty.
RIP Officer Valentin. Thank you for your service to our country.… Private Officer International 2011 Private Security Officer Deaths link.
Nadra Enzi ( Cap Black, The Hood Conservative )
504 214-3082
” Be your OWN Superhero!”

They will be how they'll be.

A interesting adventure you can have is the Person you bend over backwards to help, who basically tells you to go F*&^ yourself when you help them. It’s rare, I can think of Hearing about three times that it’s happened over the years (Once to me, And two other RLSH) but it does happen. How will you handle it? That’s up to you but if you’re in it for the right reasons you should be able to blow it off & be the bigger Superhero.
Not letting it hurt you is the biggest thing I’d imagine. They will be how they’ll be.

Cuddy Didn't Make Peace With America!


Cuddy is dead. One of the most famous ( or infamous- ) Gen Y street hustlers on New Orleans Canal Street was recently murdered.

Yet another Black man in the drug game dead  because he met a scenario he couldn’t hustle his way out of. 

I knew Cuddy. I’d marvel at his amorality and charisma- a potent combination,  Diplomatic for a card carrying Chocolate Klansman, he worked to ingratiate instead of intimidate.

Raised in combative housing projects; coming of age on volatile streets, Cuddy was the Black Male Crisis writ large.

The same talent which fatally convinced him he could talk his way out of anything could have been successful in the traditional world.

While responsible for his actions, the tradition of illegal drug use and sales he embraced exerted a death grip! Hundreds of thousands of urban males walk the same death march.

I don’t mourn Cuddy. His life had God-given value, so don’t think I dismiss its end. It’s simply the sober recognition that men hell bound on self-destruction mustn’t be mourned.

They got what they were looking for. Any mourning is rightfully reserved for families and shell shocked communities left behind.

Selling phony narcotics was his alleged MO. An endless war scenario saw him convincing perpetual customers he had real stuff.

Whether this led to his death remains to be seen. What is clear is this is very dangerous yet also very wide spread.

This outcome is why I urge urban males to make peace with America. Self-imposed imitation of life as con men or America haters is ultimately self defeating.

Good intentions are meaningless when a Black boy or man resides in ” Ghettostan ” between their ears.

Cuddy’s hustling has come to end. Another score for the merciless metric ruling Ghettostan.

This is what happens when urban boys and men refuse to make peace with America.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
” When will urban boys and men make peace with America? “

Help Cap Black Promote Patriotism! 
” Be your OWN Superhero!”