A HAND UP: The RLSH Emergency Fund.

A HAND UP: RLSH Emergency Fund.
This Xmas I wanted to do something completely different with Team Justice Then I’d done the previous years and when it was brought to our attention that we could actually use our status to start a fund to help the RLSH community I was quite interested. Kapes & Artisteroi Rlsh Gadgeteer set the whole sh-bang up thru pay-pal to our 501c3 account and started taking donations to help a Family in our own little community with two children where the Husband was recently laid off. A fair amount of money was raised for the cause & ironically the amount raised was similar to the amount I usually spend on the Xmas Outreach each year so I decided to Match the amount raised and send the checks to the family in need.
I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all, Those that participated, Those that had the idea, and those that made it work. And thanks for getting TEAM JUSTICE off in a new direction. Looks like we’ll be ready the next time a RLSH family needs help as well.