Woman who hit Phoenix Jones: 'Nothing gives him a right to do that'

Originally posted: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Woman-who-hit-Phoenix-Jones-Nothing-gives-him-a-2214912.php
A woman who admits she hit self-proclaimed superhero Phoenix Jones with a shoe says he used pepper spray on her friends for no reason.
It was “the most horrifying experience in my life,” she told Mynorthwest.com.
The incident early Sunday has been investigated by police, who arrested and jailed Jones, whose real name is Benjamin Fodor.
City prosecutors are supposed to decide this week whether to charge Fodor with assault in the incident.
Police say Fodor, 23, used pepper spray on a group of men and women early Sunday near the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Video of the incident shows two women chasing after Fodor and a man with face paint, hitting them and telling the self-proclaimed superheroes to leave.
Fodor says he was a victim in the case.
Now one of the women who was with the group under the viaduct has told her story.
“We were just walking down to our parking lot after having a good time in Seattle, when a little argument broke out between our group and the other group, and all of a sudden we were attacked. I turn around and we’re being attacked by these guys wearing Halloween costumes,” she told Mynorthwest.com
The woman, identified only as Maria, told KING/5 that the man declared himself to be a superhero.
“He says, ‘I’m a superhero’ and sprays everyone,” she said. “Nothing gives him a right to do that. That’s harassment and assault.”
She acknowledged in the interview that she hit Fodor with her shoe.
“I started hitting him, saying, ‘Who are you? What are you doing? Leave us alone, we didn’t do anything!” said Maria.