Phoenix Jones/ Jack Havoc and Why Life imitates Art

    • My name is The Ded Beat I am the Drummer/Manager from The Real Life Superhero Metal Band Jack Havoc. We have considered ourselves Superheroes pretty much after we read about Master Legend in Rolling stone a few years back. I also own a comic company called Your Mom Comics that I made to release my comic Big Bad Odd Job and to support our band when we are on tour. We attend almost all comic or horror conventions in our area. We also have played countless shows for any charity, and have raised money to help with anything from cancer to even the Tsunami relief /Haitian earthquake benefits. “I guess we all Fight in our own way.”
  • Now that you have our background let me begin. We have known Phoenix Jones for a little over a year now. When I first heard of him I was star struck, he hit the media like some sort of Booster Gold, but still kept stern like Batman. He has come to two of our Conventions just to help us out, and even though he can be hard as fuck to get a hold of sometimes… is an all around great guy. I know, I Know, another Phoenix lover getting his back, but I don’t think of it quite like that. You see when I heard about the incident that took place with the pepper spray I looked into every bit of evidence I could find, and did countless hours of research. At one point I was even confused and asked myself honestly “Do you think he acted in the right?” I do and here is why. First off I watched a video where Phoenix did what everyone has told him to do. CALL 911. He also told the attackers to back up several times. The girls who got supposedly “Pepper Sprayed” said he said nothing before hand; the same girls have changed their story twice and do not even have the same story. one says they were arguing with another group, the other says it was two other groups fighting, and before these stories they were ‘ Dancing’ Now here is a little side story to back up the’ pepper sprayed girls not on purpose’ theory of mine. My lead singer The Jack Havoc himself was at a Presidents of the United States Concert once on New Years. A huge Fight broke out almost a riot. After getting his girlfriend to safety went back to help a man and break up the out skirts of the fight. Without warning he and all the others were pepper sprayed, he wasn’t even direct hit he was just in the area and he got a contact spray. Rather than flip out he told the cops that he was just helping out, and they apologized and said thanks , because he CHOSE to get involved……… To me, these girls got the contact spray from their attacking boyfriend’s actions. . Meaning that these girls CHOSE to be involved in the altercation
    o Next if the group of males were worried with their girlfriends why did only the girls walk across the street to attack Phoenix? I know I wouldn’tJack Havoc, Your Mom Comics Crew, and The Rain City Hero Movement  let my girlfriend confront her would be attacker alone. It seems the police want you to call 911 and watch someone be beaten or killed rather than intervene, what if it was a woman being raped, is Phoenix supposed to just watch. Shame on the police and media, if you have more armor than King Arthur and you see someone getting beaten HELP THEM PLEASE. I don’t want to live in a world where the police say call them, so they can take a half hour, and tell us no one is allowed to help… The list goes on and on. But hey that’s just my opinion. Everyone should have theirs. I also think my point was proven when the police did not file any charges, and I believe they won’t.Moving on into why none of this bothers us. Because we called it. Actually Grant Morrison called it. See he thinks whatever happens in comics, movies, etc. will eventually happen. Example, he started to write his character in to getting depressed and sick, later he got sick and some sort of cancerous lump on his face….or some shit like that. Then he wrote that a character got happily married, so did he in real life. Then the company he was writing for told him to get rid of the girl in the comic, his marriage failed and ever since he has been trying to write in his new flame….weird right? So what I’m getting at is this, look at The Watchmen, at first in the 40’s the superheroes were a joke and no one cared, then it built up more and more before people were being saved, taking photos with the superheroes, etc. Than the super heroes advanced got more hi tech gear (just like in real life), and the people got bitter and there was a line drawn between people who thought we needed to be saved and those who thought it should be left to the police….. (JUST LIKE RIGHT NOW) it’s all very exciting whether you agree or disagree this is the beginning, and it will only get more real. Marvel” civil War” describes Iron Man in a fight with Captain America over whether or not Super Heroes should be registered. You see sometimes right and wrong can just be as simple as someone disagreeing. What’s good? What’s Evil? It all depends on who you ask, and yeah I will mention how Dark Guardian always has a poor Comment about Phoenix Jones, because sometimes Heroes don’t agree. While we’re on the subject I think if Dark Guardian would just talk to Phoenix about their methods of crime fighting rather than tweeting bullshit about him the whole time, he would get a lot further…but that’s just my opinion you don’t have to agree with it. Some People think that occupy Wall Street is good others like News Channels and stuff don’t. I’m all for occupy by the way “You guys are making a huge difference in my eyes.”Some People in Gotham think Batman’s methods are too harsh, the same goes with Seattle and Phoenix. Neither one is wrong they just stand up for what they think they are doing is right. That is all we can ask, Phoenix or ourselves are not perfect and are still getting used to the very idea of being a superhero. If you want to write me and tell me I’m not a real superhero and that were all full of shit that’s fine, but here is a ‘Get Fucked and not bought Dinner” ahead of time in case you do. Regardless of what you think, I know in my heart this is leading to something big….a world WITH superheroes?
The Ded Beat

Drummer / Manager – Jack Havoc Real Life SuperHero Metal Band
President / Owner – Your Mom Comics