You Guys won't believe this one…

You guys won’t BELIEVE this one….
So I got done at the gym today & I’m headed up East bay in a hurry to make it to work on time and at the intersection at Keene there’s a BLIND lady with one of those red canes (How I knew she was blind) trying to cross the intersection with cars flying everywhere! I pull into the Firehouse sub parking lot & bail out with the engine running & try to cross the inter…section to get to her. I’ve got the crosswalk & the light (And I’m not blind so I know I do) and this big girl in a beat up Buick turning right decides to go anyway. Fortunately I’m still pretty spry and slam my hand down on the hood & use it to launch myself backwards out of her way while she slams on her brakes & sits there with her hands over her mouth…I got other things to do. I run around behind her (I’m not giving her a second chance) & finally make it to the blind lady. She hears me coming even thru the traffic & I say “I’ll help you across the street.” She calmly tells me “Oh it’s ok, I just wait until I hear the oncoming traffic and then walk in its direction across.” I’m like “Wow…well the timer just changed & you got about 30 seconds I’ll walk with you anyway.” About halfway across I stopped & just watched & couldn’t believe it. There were cars flying everywhere & this blind lady was just unstoppable. She stayed calm, like she did it everyday (Which she probably did) & I nearly got creamed trying to reach her. Really lets you know who the Superheroes are.