There and Back Again

Transportation is vital to an RLSH. Many of us cover a large area while on patrol and for handouts. As a result the most vital piece of gear that we use is the car. Of course some of us don’t use a car at all, patrolling on foot, or using a bike or skateboard. There’s nothing wrong with that. Which ever transportation is best suited to your locale is the way you should travel.
But I am going to tell you about cars first. Anyone who owns any type of car should have it on a regular maintenance schedule. All too often I see people who have a limited budget, purchase a vehicle that is right at the edge of what they can afford. They don’t include maintenance as part of the operating costs of the car. As a result the car degrades and you wind up with a really large paperweight that you are making payments on. Not an effective use of funding. Also you will look real silly in your gimmick trying to fix a leaky radiator by the side of the road.
Get a car that is well under your budget levels. A running used Camry is going to be a lot more super than mustang that is up on blocks in your back yard.
My team-mate Superhero has The Supermobile. A tricked out custom built Corvette Stingray. It’s mean, fast, scary fun to ride in, and spends a lot of time (and money) in the shop. Is it worth it? If you can afford it, yes. But take a realistic look at what you are doing as an RLSH, before purchasing something like this. As with everything else about the community, try to not be all starry eyed when investing in transport.

 Now that I have said the preachy part, I will tell you about some cool little transportation gadgets that are available.
A new arrival on the scene is a sort of cross between a skate board and a motorcycle. Called The Shocker.

Motocross Board

It’s available for pre-order now. The price is between $1700 and $3000 Depending on which model you want.
The Roamboard is an electric powered motorized skateboard.

Roam Board

The Roamboard starts at $2500 for a basic model and run to $3000 for a custom.
And since we are checking out cool skateboard evolutions and crossovers, what if you crossed a skateboard with a tank? The DTV Shredder

 The Shredder

This little monster will cost you about $4000.  It is still in the pre-order phase but should be available by spring of 2012.

* * * *