Copyright your likeness

Copyright your likeness…
This hasn’t been brought up in forever, but with the HUGE influx of new RLSH/X-ALT/ RLSV/ WTHE (What-the Hell-ever…this is a new term for people that don’t like any of them.) it’s time to bring it up again. Anybody remember THE REPO MAN? Not the B-movie. the WWF wrestler from the 1980’s. Well, back in 1998 the ORIGINAL REPO MAN stopped by our School for a afternoon & told us the this story.
He invented the gimmick & was using it at a INDY show when somebody from WWF approached him & “Asked him all about it” He told them about the gimmick hoping they would sign him, the scout said “that’s very interesting” & left.
A few months later he gets a Cease & desist order from WWF who now owns the gimmick of THE REPO MAN. He had to quit or they’d sue him, and he invented it.
… Oh I’m sure you’ve all heard about “Poor man’s copyright” where you mail yourself a picture of yourself in your gimmick & that protects you. He had heard that too and done it. That & a Quarter will get you into a pay toilet. They don’t hold up in court. and his didn’t. He didn’t have a leg to stand on. Now you’re probably saying “I don’t care” or “Who gives a crap” or whatever, but this is how I explained it years ago…say you’re in the right place at the right time & thwart a Bank robber & a news crew happened to be there, & you’re a overnight sensation. Even if you want nothing from it some schmuck copyrights your likeness & sells a script or book or whatever. You don’t get a dime to give to charity or do whatever you see fit with.
Go to & fill out a COPYRIGHT VA (Visual arts) pay the fee & send it off. it is a easy three page form & the fee is like $65 bucks nowadays & you’re protected for life. The sweet part is the second you drop it in a mail box you have COPYRIGHT PENDING which I’m sure you’ve seen on a few items over the years. You’re even protected until you get the official paperwork back. Do it…it’s worth your time. I HAVE heard of a case on here where somebody owned somebody Else’s likeness & forced them to stop using it.