Nadra Enzi
Capt Black
Creative Activist
Good Citizens Organizer
[email protected]
(504) 214-3082
Imagine one man cleaning up the worst block on New Orleans world famous Canal Street???
He doesn’t want credit so I’ll just call him ” Titan. ”
Titan warns drug dealers and users about congregating in front of his restaurant; previously an open air market for illegal drugs.
He then calls police before their shocked eyes even describing them in painful detail.
Titan is Black by the way; as are majority of the causes for his 911 calls. Daily he tramples ” Stop Snitching ” into the dust with his actions.
He’s also a walking billboard for rehabilitation as a former dealer and user. Titan now builds up what he once tore down.
Titan represents a growing departure from liberal thought: that simply being Black means you condone criminal activity within your community. He also is alot more ” in your face ” concerning crime than many law and order conservatives who avoid zip codes where he works.
Organizing with good citizens like Titan helps reclaim our community ” block by block ” to use his favorite phrase.
Crescent City Cafe, located at 1104 Canal Street off the corner of Elk Place, is the jewel in the crown of grassroots safety and revitalization good citizens like this create.
It will also host a National Night Against Crime block party October 11, 2011.
Call Crescent City Cafe at (504) 522-1769