“Super friend’s divorce” Or…”How Super teams are just like real relationships”

“Super friend’s divorce”
Or…”How Super teams are just like real relationships”
Here’s why…
So I’m sitting in front of a client’s house today waiting for him to come home & I’m talking to one of my Super children.
“Don’t make me choose between the two of you.” Is basically what he’s saying to me and I’m reassuring him that his Super parents both love him equally & would never do anything like that to him.
That’s when it occurs to me how much my involvement with a super team has been like an actual relationship.
I met my Super partner a little over 4 years ago on the internet, we had both been in the game for over a decade (Him even longer) and it was love at first sight. He was the Batman to my Superman, The Moon-Knight to my Hyperion, The Spock to my Kirk, The Chip to my Dale, basically whatever genre you stuck us in we were the team.
At first everything was beautiful, as it is in most new relationships. A unstoppable team with vast experience in varying fields who when we put our knowledge together were completely unstoppable. Things were so great that like in a real relationship, we decided to take the next big step & tie the knot officially…
…Forming an actual legal team.
And along with that union comes more members, responsibility, stress etc. Then like in a lot of relationships, infatuation wears thin, and people start acting like people again. You get tired of your super spouse leaving their body armor on the floor, they get sick of you hanging your cape over their favorite chair, they want to fly, you want to take the nuclear powered car, then it happens…
“I think we should see other people.”
So…you do.
“There’s plenty of Superheroes in the sea” (Nowadays anyway) you talk to them on the internet and you travel around on “Business trips” where you actually meet up with them and while you’re away your super spouse is doing the same thing.
Then it happens.
It’s Divorce time.
If you’re lucky (And it appears I have been) you’re super spouse breaks up amicably. You go your own ways, He keeps right on protecting Gotham & you keep a watchful eye on Metropolis, you breathe a sigh of relief and get on with your life except for one small detail.
“Who gets the Super kids?”
Back when you thought it would just “last forever” or “Our star crossed Super Team will NEVER fail!” or whatever crap you told yourself the two of you decided that a great expression of your devotion would be little Supers to carry on in your name, now that it’s over…what happens to them?
Which brings me back to the beginning of the story, and reassuring one of my Super Kids that both his super parents love him equally & I could hear in his voice the strain of him wondering what the other one would think if he went & fought crime with the other one and so on & so on. I’ve decided not to fight for custody, Super kid was always closer to my Super Spouse (Both emotionally & geographically) & he’s a good influence on him. I’ll just ask for visitation on occasional weekends. Also the divorce seems to be amicable so far & I’m sure my Super Spouse will want full custody & our Super kids have been through enough already. I expect big things from my Super kid, and I’ll always be there if he needs a hand. I don’t think I could ask for much more.
So all this has lead me to the Conclusion that Super Teams work a lot like relationships. Am I right or wrong? I’m not sure.
Do I advise you to take heed of this before you decide to join or form a team? Hell yes.
Was it all worth it? Hell yes, you learn from every experience, and there were a lot of good times too.