Captain America: The First Avenger Poster
Nadra Enzi
Capt Black

Captain America has always had a special place in my heart as a comics fan.
The fact he wasn’t superhuman ( despite clearly Olympic-level enhancements ) always sparked my interest in human potential expressed in fiction, alongside fellow icons Doc Savage and Batman.
Cap made patriotism look cool instead of corny. My formative years included images of Watergate; protests and flag burning.
Captain America was a welcome alternative. Like my late grandfather who raised me he actively pursued good citizenship instead of merely discussing it.
The 2011 movie captures his Old School spirit which is much needed as economic fear tightens nationwide.
His transformation from scrawny kind to brawny commando demonstrates our ability to literally become whomever we consistently try to be.
The comic book legend was recently upgraded to acknowledge the role of Black men in defeating the Axis.
The first Captain America was Black in this retelling; a nod of the cowl to otherwise unknown soldiers like my late grand uncle Harold who was wounded in 1944’s Normandy Invasion, code named ” Operation Overlord ” by the Allies.
Captain America’s story is every American’s story: idealism despite crushing poverty; determination despite impossible odds. He cuts away every possible point of division by embodying ” E Pluribus Unum ( Out of Many One ) ” in a way that inspires skeptic and supporter alike.
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