Nadra Enzi
Capt Black

Barack Obama Superhero

Obama supporters hear growing grumbling in once euphoric ranks.
America’s first Black president and progressive champion has had his superhero image tarnished of late.
Epic joblessness and malaise form potent political Kryptonite.
Republican Congressional opposition rivals that of any comic book arch villain and his followers.
He leapt tall historic barriers in a single bound- a fact even hyper partisan foes readily concede. However, the national day dream where he would bend a broken economy back into shape now teeters on psychic life support.
Obama’s superhero image isn’t totally moribund. Black voters cling tenaciously to his imaginary cape despite crushing unemployment figures. Other minorities and Independents have likewise not chosen the Phanton Zone option thus far regarding his presidency.
The President’s superhero image is giving way to more terrestrial realizations that the change his campaign promised still hasn’t arrived.
That said, 2012 will decide if America still considers Obama its superhero. For creative activists the lesson is as plain as graphic novel pages: never promise too much and do what you promise.
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