Under New Management

Watchman in FullThese past few months, I’ve been preparing this site for new owners. The new management of Reallifesuperheroes.org is The Watchman and Life. Any questions about this site and modifying its content, please address those questions to The Watchman or Life via Private Message. The new team has access to the Google, Twitter and You Tube account now and will be able to modify parts like the RLSH Map, Event Calendar, and other Google features embedded in the RLSHorg site. The new team will also be able to create blog sections for people.
I’ve made some recent tweaks to the site. As most people noticed, I have removed the Registry. The registry was removed because the new team should not have to have the headaches having to verify who is real and who is not. The new team should not have to make the decision Dark Guardian and I had to do by removing profiles of individuals who were less than stable. And the new team are active RLSH, and do not have the time to research other people; the team’s time should be better spent helping others and researching ways to make a difference.  In its place, I have transferred the Wiki files to the main site. Users who want to work on the wiki pages must request access from the new moderators. To add a wiki page to the site, copy and paste the form listed at http://www.reallifesuperheroes.org/wiki-2/wiki-submission/ and email it to [email protected]. Per instructions, new profiles must have photos which backgrounds are outside and not Photoshopped.
I wish the new management well. I hope that in a few years I can visit this site and see big changes that the new site owners will bring. Good Luck guys.