Urban Avenger's Utility Belt

I am making this so new people can see what an “average utility belt” looks like. I carry what is the general consensus of utility belt RLSH. That is, what is typical gear carried on a utility belt. And some not so much. This is to give you a rough idea of what you may want, or not want, to carry with you on crime fighting patrols. Links to my gear and a short review of them are included:
This is my utility belt. it occasionally changes, and evolves, usually for the better.
Starting from left to right we have:
4″ S&W Tactical Rescue Knife:
<img src="http://cache-images.pronto.com/thumb2.php?src=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.pronto.com%2Fimages%2Fproduction%2Fproducts%2Fb8%2Fb5%2Fimag56458f0d21f9b076e105c53873e6-1291754975_160x160.jpg&wmax=180&hmax=180&quality=80&bgcol=FFFFFF"
Very big knife. Heavy and sharp. Intended for getting people out of auto accidents, plus makes a good general utility knife. Don't bother putting the belt clip to any use, as mine fell off after a few weeks. Comes with a seat belt cutter, and glass breaker on the end.
NEBO CSI Self Defense Flashlight

NEBO CSI Tactical self defense flashlight. This thing is extremely bright, not sure of the lumen rating. It has three modes, the standard light, a laser pointer, and SOS strobe function. The teeth on the front make for a good self defense tool if someone comes at you while you are holding it. One strike across the temple and they are down. Runs on 3 AAA batteries.
Gerb Suspension Multitool

Good multitool. Comes with accessory bits which also fit on the pouch, which you can find here. This pouch also carried the NEBO flashlight, thumb cuffs and (not pictured, but goes in the back) a small notepad and pen.
Double Locking Thumb Cuffs

Nasty little buggers. way worse than typical handcuffs as you cannot get out of them by being more flexible unless you want to cut your thumb off. Excellent compliance device. May be a little harder to get around big thumbs.

Typical ninja tool. Theoretically you drop them on the ground and are supposed to stick in the feet of whoever is chasing you. Won’t puncture tires (well maybe bike tires) but should definitely slow down anyone unfortunate to hit them. Yes they pose potential liability issues if not picked up after dispatching them. I’ve yet to have to use them in the field.
First Aid Kit
Various small first aid supplies including bandages, bandaids, neosporin and some OTC medications/aspirin alternatives. Could be more but I’m no medic.
Nothin fancy, got these at toys r us.
Smart Phone

My smart phone of choice is the T-Mobile G2. Excellent power, full keyboard. 5MP camera with flash. HD video recording capability.
Doubtle Trouble Stun Gun

Between all the XJL member’s stun devices I have to say this is my favorite one. 1.2 Million volts. This stun gun claims to have a quicker disabling ability because the prongs are farther apart. Something to do with the arcing of the charge or some such business. This sucker packs a punch. I’ve tested on myself and will instantly paralyze anyone. Targeting specific muscles like the arms or legs in a scuffle makes that limb completely useless while it’s being stunned. The crackle of the stun gun alone is more than enough to deter anyone. It’s my weapon of choice.
UZI 2,000,000 SHU 2 oz Pepper Spray

You know pepper spray. It burns, a lot. I’ve tested this stuff out on me too. Although not to the extent of the stun gun. I’d rather be stunned than sprayed any day. Flip top lid beats the twist top kind any day of the week. I speak from personal experience. Flip top won’t accidentally discharge into your crotch 🙁

Peerless Nickel finish handcuffs. Made in the USA, simple, strong and double locking so they don’t keep getting tighter. I carry two sets.
900 Lumen CREE 5 Function Flashlight

This thing is an absolute monster given its size and price. I’ve hit the top story of a 20 story building from four blocks away. Run tike is pretty low considering the sheer power of this awesome light. Took me almost a month to finally figure out how to use the multiple functions. High power, low power, strobe, and two different beacon flashes. Half pressing the tail button switches between the different modes. I intend on buying a couple more of these to create my own North Star light, which I would eventually like to incorporate into my armor. The batteries are a bit expensive though. Half the price of the light itself.
Total weight: Approximately 8lbs