Something to bring up with all the threats flying around…

Something needs to be addressed..and it has to do with firearms so pay attention….Somebody just brought to my attention (in a polite fashion) on my youtube that it “instills fear” in people that I carry a sidearm (Legally) on patrol & at events. In light of everything that has happened lately with Zeatman and personal threats being slung around like candy it made me realize this is a perfect time to bring this up. I carry a sidearm for protection, I’ve had my (And Lady heroes) well being threatened in the past. that’s all I carry it for. When you guys go (RLSH & RLSV alike) Threatening & telling to F*&^ off & accusing of all kinds of vile crap it appears to me that YOU DON’T REALIZE that this is the INTERNET. You have NO CLUE who the guy on the other end of that insult might be. The guy with the bed sheet thrown over his head with eye holes cut in it & “RLSH” spray painted on the front could be the next Ted Kaczynski. Or worse, some guy who thinks it’s perfectly fine to mail you a envelope full of anthrax. Any idea who Alan Berg was? He was a Talk Jock back in the 1980’s who thought it was funny to shoot his mouth off…repeatedly. Until one night two members of the American Nazi party showed up in his driveway with a Couple of MAC-10’s with the Sears Filed down & shredded him. They painted a nice big Swastika on what was left of him for his wife to find. Put things like that in the back of your head before you go harassing somebody on the web. I’ve been guilty of it too. Somebody says something to me & I’ve fired back. Then I’ve backpedaled & just avoided those people like the plague because I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE. I just saw a buddy of mine get insulted on here who I know personally. The guy who did it probably doesn’t know the guy has a F*&^ing FACTORY & LAB in his garage where he fashions WEAPONS for people. For the LOVE OF GOD people THINK.
The bottom line is…think before you write. If they aren’t doing anything to you, they probably won’t. Poop doesn’t stink unless you stir it.
Think twice.