August 18-21 Montrose Blueberry Festival Super Heroes

Message from The Ambassador:

I have arranged for a table/booth space at the 40th annual Montrose Blueberry Festival on August 18-19-20-21, 2011 in MI for the purpose of spreading awareness of the RLSH Movement. The Theme is “Super Hero” and they would love for any members to come join the festivities to promote and discuss the RLSH movement.
This will be a good moment to interact with a friendly and receptive crowd they will all out to have fun and be looking for a good time all around and so the day should be pretty pleasant. We will be making up a press packet to release before the show it would be nice if anyone who is experienced in this (in terms of them dealing with the RLSH community) could help me out or at least let me bounce ideas off of you. I am hoping any and all can attend though I know that is not possible please spread the word around about this event to those in the Michigan area. I may also set up more opportunities like this in the future. With fan photos and donations jars, we can have a great opportunity not only to interact with the public but also speak out about common causes as well as generate donations for respective charities and spread information about them and the RLSH movement itself.
Please contact me if interested. through my facebook page
or via e-mail [email protected]
for more information on the festival itself check out the link below.