Joshua Lee Walden

On Friday December 8th, 2000 around midnight Johnny Walden and his Wife Ann Walden reported there son Joshua Lee Walden missing. Josh was last seen wearing a red shirt and black jeans while riding a 20 inch Magnum bicycle which he had painted with a dule red paint. Before he went missing Josh was seen several places around the neighbohood riding on his bicycle but was last seen on the 4500 block of Fourteenth Avenue near him home. Friends, neighbors, and police search or two day but the search came up empty. On sunday December the 10th day Josh’s bother Jonathan Walden and some other boys were play in a wooded area off the 3100 block od Sixteenth Avenue on the western slope of Missionary Ridge discovered the the body of young Walden about half mile form his home.
The body was found laying in a depression in the ground and was covered in leaves. An inspection of the body found some superfical abrasions on Josh’s nose aswell as on the right side of his face other then those abrasion there were no signs of trauma to the body nor where there any sign of a sexual assult. Also a chimecal was found on and an under the body aswell as on some near by leaves. The one odd thing that was noticed about the body is that the shoes and socks were missing.
Test later revealed that the chimecal was an acid that is Historically Muriatic acid. The acid is also known as Hydrochloric Acid or HCI. This is a strong inorganic acid which is  made by dissolving Hydroed chloride in water. This acid used for things such as cleaning metal, concrete, pickling steel, the production of organic compounds, the production of inorganic compounds, the controlling and neutralization of ph, the Regeneration of ion exchangers, leather processing, building construction , and in household cleaning. when one is handling this acid they need protective gear such as rubber or PVC gloves, eye googles. and chemical-resistant clothing and shoes.
It has been ten years now and this boys kill has yet to be broought to justice. the new media has made a number of reports in the years since the boys murder in one they report on how some years up till 2008 some kept a small memorial at the place were the body was found. The lastest news report was in August of 2010 where it was talking about a man by the name of Eral Teague whom is now looking into the cold case murder. In the report says Teague has look over the  police and autopsy reports, made and put up poster, and has talked to tipster. Teague says that he started out with a list of 19 suspect and he now has it down to one person. That person is a known sex offender that was living in East Lake at the time on the murder. Mr. Teague’s case is centerd around a house that once sat on the corner os 39th street and 14th Avenue that burnd down just days befor young Josh Walden was murderd. The people who live in the house said that they had given there sons smokey clothing to a man in the neighborhood.
Now this was not the first time that Mr. Earl Teague has been in the news. It was not to long ago the he tiped police of another sex offender a Pastor Edward Hughes was back in the pulpit which was in violation of his registry. The building which Hughs was preaching out of was an old run down one which did not even have any power. Teague also handed out flyers in East Lake park to families informing them about Pastor Edward Hughes  and his most resent arrest.
Someone out there Know what happend all those years. Someone has the answers to the mystery.  Some people out that have the missing peices the this puzzle of who killed this small boy and I ask any one with any info about this case no matter how small to please contat me and [email protected]