Phoenix Jones, 'Real Life Superhero,' Foils Would-Be Carjacking

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By Steven Hoffer
Evil villains on the streets of Lynwood, Wash., beware: Phoenix Jones has your number.
Jones, a heroic “real life superhero,” spends most nights patrolling the streets of the city just north of Seattle, and, in all seriousness, helps take a bite out of crime. In a recent tale straight out of a comic book, Jones arrived just in the nick of time to foil a would-be carjacking.
“From the right, this guy comes dashing in, wearing this skin-tight rubber, black and gold suit, and starts chasing him away,” said the car owner, who identified himself only as Dan.
All in a day’s work, Jones, armed with a Taser-nightstick and mace, chased away the villain and restored Dan to safety.
“So when I walk into a neighborhood, criminals leave because they see the suit,” Phoenix said. “I symbolize that the average person doesn’t have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing.”