Portland Fun

By Dark Wolf
Lunar and I just got back from a patrol, and I am about to fall asleep…
Tonight I went on patrol with Antiman, Icarus, Lady Sapphire, Lunar Veil, and Trinity. We parked in the Pearl District, and then we paired off: Antiman & Trinity, Icarus & Lady Sapphire, and Lunar Veil & I.
Lunar and I walked up to Pioneer Court House Square (roughly 15-20 blocks), and we found a guy sitting on the steps with another guy standing over him looking nervous. We didn’t think anything of it, until we got closer. The man standing caught a glimpse of us, and then he hastily walked away. We thought it strange, and then heard odd sounds coming from the man sitting on the steps. It was a very hoarse voice, as if someone was trying to talk like a demon or who was suffering from throat cancer. The man was African, mid-thirties, and wore tattered clothes–transient? Lunar knelt beside him and asked him if he was okay; yet, it was very difficult to understand what he was saying. We caught random words such as, “giant bug,” and “the yellow man.” I gave him a quick oculomotor examination which he couldn’t do, I took out my pen torch and found that his pupils were extremely dilated, and then I took out my thermometer and found that he was running a fever. I didn’t have my cell on me at the time, so I asked Lunar to call 911, yet her cell battery was dead. He was sweating profusely, so I gave her an instant hot & cold pack, and then I went to get help. It was amazing…at 1.00 AM in the morning; there was no one to be seen. I decided to head for the car. Once I arrived at Pioneer Court House Square, it seemed that he had become a bit responsive. I asked him if he would mind if we were to take him up to a local hospital, and he refused. Lunar spoke to the guy for a minute, and then he agreed to go. We helped him to the car; he lied down in the back, and Lunar and I were in the front. The hospital was around 15 minutes away. Once we hit I26, he began to have a seizure. Lunar unbuckled herself and jumped into the back, as I kept driving. When we got there, I ran in and told the onsite cop that we needed help, and he came out with a medic. They brought a gurney, and off the guy went.
For the next 20 minutes, Lunar and I were being asked 50 questions from the cop. The great thing was that we went to the exact same hospital in which I work. So I tried to be as open as possible, with divulging as little information as possible. Hopefully no one knew who I was.
In the end, Darren (the guy we took in) had shot up with some laced or tainted meth. As we left and got into the car, I noticed that the back seat had a nice pool of puke waiting for Lunar to clean up. Oh, merry christmas to us.